I’m T Mehedi, the creator, and designer of the blog tabletzoo. No way, I’m not a software engineer or a computer graduate. But you know from my childhood. I’m a gadget-freak people which eventually led me to explore new technology.

Tablets are a comparatively new technology. And that’s the users face more problems with these gadgets. They have even lots of queries regarding their dearest tablet of different brands.

From the very beginning of the journey of tablets, the mini laptops, I used to scrutinize them to explore new technology. And that finally led me to start my blog solely on mobile tablets in 2021. 

My only objective is to answer all of your queries regarding this portable yet very effective device. Take a breath, and you will, of course, find the solution that you face with your tablets from time to time.

You know the mobile tablet market is saturated now. With lots of popular and new brands, you may stumble to have the most suitable one for you. Keeping the scenario in mind, we review the top-notch tablets of different brands. 

This blog is, to some extent, based on my first-hand experience and passion. If my blog can leave you hassle-free in using your tablet smoothly, then it will be my great pleasure.