Does RCA Tablet Have Sim Card Slot

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Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by T Mehedi

Sim cards are used for using cellular networks by any device. But tablets do not need a sim card. The same thing goes for the RCA tablet. You can use an RCA tablet easily without any sim card. You can even use the tablet just like a mini-computer.

RCA tablet has not to have a sim card slot. It cannot take any sim card. It has only an SD card slot. Though it has not a sim card slot, you can use the tablet for doing various works. 

RCA tablet has an Android operating system. You can easily get into the Google Play Store and installed many apps that you needed. 

Do all tablets have a sim card slot?

All tablets do have not a sim card slot. By the way, some tablets have a sim card slot. The tablets that do have not a sim card slot cannot use that like a regular phone.

So far, you can use that for any other purpose like playing video games, making calls and messages through different apps, or seeing YouTube videos on a large screen. 

Can you put an SD card in the RCA tablet?

You can put an SD card in the RCA tablet. RCA tablet takes micro SD memory card. You can store files on the SD card. Such as photos, videos, documents, etc.

SD card is used as an alternative to your tablet’s storage. You can shift all your valuable apps and files on the SD card from your tablet’s default storage. For this, you need to update and upgrade your SD card driver regularly.

Can you make phone calls from the RCA tablet?

RCA tablet has a big screen that you can make video calls easily. You can make audio calls from an RCA tablet without paying your mobile balance. You can use an internet connection through the tablet.

You can make calls through many apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, WeChat, Signal, etc. There are many apps that will help you to make free calls.

You can make free calls with these apps with the help of an RCA tablet. If the RCA tablet has a sim card slot, you can make phone calls like your phone. But as it does not have a sim card slot, you cannot make a regular phone call just like a regular phone.

Can you text on an RCA tablet?

You can text with an RCA tablet through different apps. As there is no sim card slot, you cannot text your message like a regular phone by using a cellular network.

But you can text your message to your desired person through an internet connection by using different apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, etc. You can also receive text messages through this without having a sim card in the RCA tablet. 

Can you sync your RCA tablet with your phone?

You can easily sync your RCA tablet with your phone with many software. That software will help you to transfer photos, videos, documents, ebooks, contacts, etc.

Hence, you need to turn on your tablet for pairing with your phone. You can also transfer your files through the tablet’s Bluetooth.

Can you use an RCA tablet as a phone?

As the RCA tablet doesn’t come up with a sim card slot, so you cannot use it like a regular phone. But you can make calls through an internet connection with different apps.

RCA tablets do all the things that a regular android phone can do except make a regular phone call that needs a cellular network. Rather RCA tablet will give you a more comfortable big screen than a normal android mobile phone. 


The tablet is very comfortable for using any app or playing games or doing any other types of work. Though it has come up with a sim card slot, still you can use it for many purposes. 

However, without a sim card, your RCA tablet will let you stay connected to the whole world. The tablet will give you all the information that you need with a great experience.

Hope this beneficial article will help you.

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