Can a Cracked Asus Tablet Screen be Fixed?

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Can A Cracked Asus Tablet Screen Be Fixed

Have you dropped your Asus tablet? Has the screen been cracked? If it is, then maybe you are worried because you might be thinking you never can fix it.

But nothing to worry about here worry. That’s because you can easily repair your Asus tablet’s cracked screen.

Now you may want to know the process of fixing a cracked screen. Well, before jumping to the process, you have to identify how severe the crack is. Depending on it, you have to decide whether you will do it or go for the professional.

You are going to learn more in this post. So, Let’s dive in. 

Assess the crack 

You can definitely repair the cracked screen of your Asus tablet. However, the question is do you really need to fix it?

If it is a subtle crack that your touch screen is functioning properly or you can see the screen, then you can avoid fixing it.

However, if your touch is not working or you cannot see the screen properly, you should fix it. 

Check Warranty Status 

If your Asus tablet is under warranty yet, do not open the device to fix it yourself. It may void the warranty. 

Rather, send it to the official Asus repair shop. They will repair it for you. Either you can fix it free of cost or you may have to pay a small amount of money. 

If the warranty period expires, then either you have to fix it or replace it when the crack is severe.

Replace the Screen 

Actually. If the screen has a subtle crack, you can repair it. However, if there is severe damage, you need to replace the display. 

You can take it to a local shop for display replacement or you can do it yourself. 

How To Fix Cracked Asus Tablet Screen 

You can apply gum to fix the screen. It is applicable for a small crack. Follow the below instruction. 

● Rub the entire screen with a soft cloth. 

● Mark the cracked area. 

● Apply a small amount of gum in the cracked area. 

Hopefully, it will fix the cracked screen of your Asus tablet. Again, if it is too severe, replace the screen. 

How to replace the Screen 

First, you need to remove the broken screen. You should be very careful while doing it. You should make sure to get the proper display and which color of connector it has.

Open your Asus tablet to check the color of the connector. Suppose, you are replacing the screen of the Asus Z310. It has a green connector with its display. 

Then you should purchase the Asus Z310 display with a green connector. Follow the below instructions to remove the screen safely. 

● Remove the back cover. Do not forget to remove the battery as well.

● Loose the camera cable and remove them softly. 

● Unplug the screw connected to the frame. 

● Remove the LCD screen. 

● Some broken glasses might be left in the frame. Heat it with any heat gun. Do not be impatient, remove it patiently. 

Now, it is time to place the new screen. Follow the below instructions. 

● First, wrap it with any tape where stickiness is no longer available. 

● Insert foam or seals. 

● Reattach the glass above that foam. 

● Then, mount the new digitizer glass inserting it in the correct place of the Bazzel

● Do not forget to remove dust from the LCD screen. 

● Insert other necessary cables and parts such as the camera. 

● Finally, assemble the frame in the proper order screwing screws in the proper place. 


In conclusion, I want to say that you can fix your cracked Asus tablet screen depending on various situations. If there is a subtle crack, fix it. 

Replace the screen for huge damage. You can take ideas from this article to replace the screen or you can watch youtube videos for a better understanding.

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