Can You Use Procreate On Huion Tablet

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Can You Use Procreate On Huion Tablet

Procreate is an IOS-based drawing software. They are specifically made to run on iPhones and iPads. And unluckily, the Huion tablets can’t be connected to IOS devices.

So, you can’t use procreate on a Huion tablet. But if you own a MacBook, there may be a way to use procreate. But then again, You will need specific Huion tablets that support Macbook. This process is much longer and has too much hassle.

We will be also discussing the alternatives you can use instead of Procreate on the Huion tablets.

Can You Use Procreate On Huion Tablet

Though you cannot use Procreate on Huion as it doesn’t support iPhone and iPad, you can use an alternative way to use Procreate on Huion. For that, you have to own both an iPad and a macOS device.

Also to check if your Huion tablet is compatible with the Mac device, visit this site – If there is a driver available for macOS for your Huion tablet, it means that it is compatible.

Using Procreate On Huion Tablet:

As told earlier, to use Procreate on Huion tablets, you will need to meet up the following requirements:

  • A Huion tablet (compatible with the macOS)
  • A macOS based device
  • An iPad

Steps to Follow

  1. You need to install Procreate on the iPad. Another software that also has to be installed is iMazing. iMazing is used to transfer apps between iPad and Mac devices.
  2. Now, You have to back up the Procreate on the iMazing in the iPad. Then open iMazing on the Mac. Using iMazing, import the .ipa file from your iPad to your Mac and install it in a specific location. Then run the Procreate software.
  3. After that, connect your Huion tablet (which must be compatible with the Mac) and start using procreate.

Note: After completing this process, you can’t update the Procreate app on the iPad. You need to install it again to get the updates.

The above process is a bit pricey. Because you need to own many gadgets just to use one software. And also if your Huion tablet is not compatible with Mac, it still can’t be used.

So, here is some alternative software for Procreate that is used on Pc and can be easily supported by the Huion tablets.

Alternatives of Procreate:

  1. Sketchbook: This software is built by Autodesk. It has a lot of features like the procreate and many amazing drawings can be done.
  2. Krita: Krita is also a very popular software that can be used on Huion tablets.
  3. Adobe Fresco: Adobe software is used worldwide for graphical purposes. And Fresco is the newest addition. It is very good with a lot of properties.


What Tablets Are Compatible With Procreate?

iPads are mainly compatible with the Procreate software. The models that are compatible are iPad pro (1st- 5th gen), iPad(5th-9th gen), iPad mini 4, etc.

Huion Compatible With Apple?

Huion tablets are basically compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS ( version10.12 and above). But not with iPhone and iPad i.e not compatible with the IOS devices.


Huion tablets are great for drawing and also have a great value for the money. On the other side, Procreate is an IOS-based software. So the answer to can you use procreate on Huion Tablet is a clear NO!

But there are some other alternatives to Procreate on other platforms which can be used. They are also as efficient as Procreate.

Using them wisely can also bear great results!

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