Does ASUS Still Make Tablets?

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Does ASUS Still Make Tablets

Besides the most famous Samsung and Apple tablets, Asus is a well-known tablet brand. Nowadays, Asus tablets are very demanding. Astonishingly, the color combination of this tablet attracts people very well. 

Asus gives high-end tablets at very reasonable prices. As a consequence, Asus is a leading manufacturer in this tablet world now. As you know, Asus is the best manufacturer of electronic equipment, so the part and parcel of Asus tablets must be good. 

Let’s jump into this write-up to explore some amazing information about the Asus tablet. 

Does Asus Still Make Tablets? 

Yes, Asus still makes tablets. In fact, the Asus tablet is very powerful. Besides, Asus is very popular for making laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, wi-fi routers, graphic cards, monitors, motherboards, and so on. 

Asus is a multinational company. It mainly manufactures hardware, computers, and electronic equipment. Also, the Asus tablet gives a very impressive service while you play games. You will not feel any problem. 

The Asus tablet is mainly for playing games. In addition, you can do numerous activities with this Asus tablet. Surprisingly, you can do your work with this tablet. 

Where Does Asus Manufacture These Tablets? 

The headquarters of the Asus company is situated in Taipei. It is a district of Taiwan. Furthermore, Asus has several manufacturing houses. Recently, the manufacturing house of Asus is located in Taiwan, China, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and so on. 

A big portion of Asus tablets is made in China and the United States. But Asus company relocated their manufacturing house to southwest Asia for this covid-19 situation. After that, Asus tried to increase its production in Asia. 

Asus tablets 

In 2010 on May 31, Asus started manufacturing tablets. Since that day, Asus has been launching its tablet in the market. Their 1st tablet was the Eee Pad EP121. 

Asus tablet has numerous tablet series. Asus transformer tablet series and Asus zenpad tablet series are the most popular. Asus Zenpad Z10, Asus Zenpad Z8, Asus Transformation Mini, Asus Transformation Book T100HA, Asus Transformation Pad TF103C, etc are included in these series. 

The operating system of Asus is Android. Surprisingly, every Asus tablet has its qnique attractive design. Additionally, Asus tablets are very lightweight, thin, and thick. Besides, the performance of the Asus tablet is very high-end. 

The Products Of The Brand Made By This Manufacturer 

Among the several models of Asus tablet, there are some best models which will be very attractive for you. 

So, the best model of the Asus brand is given below: 

Asus Zenpad 10 tablet 

This tablet came with a larger display screen which is 10.1 inches. Furthermore, the performance is very high. Because the operating system is android 7.0 nougat. The total memory of this tablet is 16 GB. 

Asus Chromebook tablet CT100 

The price of this tablet is very high. In fact, this is the most expensive tablet in the Asus company. Moreover, this tablet comes from the Chromebook tablet CT100 series. The memory capacity is 32 GB and the screen size is 9.7 inches of this tablet. 

Asus 7 inches MeMo Pad 

This Asus MeMo tablet is a highly portable tablet. The main feature of this tablet is the camera. Asus MeMo tablet specially made for the photographer. 

This tablet came with a 7 inches display. Amazingly, this tablet will be great if you are a fan of social media. 

Does Asus Give Warranty Cards?

You will be surprised after hearing that, Asus gives one year warranty everywhere. Apart from that, they also give a six months warranty on all their tablet accessories. 

If any part of your tablet is damaged or defective, then Asus will replace or repair that part without any cost. But there is a condition, this has to happen within their warranty period which is one year. Moreover, the replaced part will be the original part of Asus. 


If you are looking for a good tablet for playing high-end games, doing work and so on, then the Asus tablet will be the best for you. Hence, the function and features depend on the model of the Asus tablet. 

Asus always tries to update their tablet. For this, they are coming with numerous features and functions with new models of tablets consistently. 

You will find plenty of models easily. For this, you can choose your desired one. Stay connected with us for exploring more facts about the Asus tablet. 

Before that, stay happy and safe!

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