Does Huion Come With Software

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Does Huion Come With Software

Huion is a brand that has gained recent popularity for its reasonable range of devices. This China-based brand makes graphics tablets, pen displays, and many more things to serve a large group of people.

Now, some of you may ask does Huion come with software?. The answer is yes. They come with software that you need to install if you want to operate your Huion device.

Does Huion Come With Software 

Huion offers software that you will have to download from their site. The software’s name is ‘Huion Tablet’. When you buy a Huion tablet, you will get some things along with the device like a stylus pen, user manual, charging cable/USB cable, etc. 

After reading the manual, you will learn that they are asking you to install the driver for starting to set up your tablet. You will find it on the Huion website.

How To Install Huion driver :

  • Go to the Huion website.
  • Input your device’s model, OS, and Driver and hit the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Download the latest version.
  • Install and set up.

Setting up Huion Tablet software:

Your tablet has express keys that you need to set up using this software. You can set these keys according to your preferences. You can also adjust the display area and the stylus pen that comes with the tablet. For that:

  • Open the Huion Tablet software.
  • To set up express keys on your tablet, go to ‘Press Keys’ and choose how you would like them to be. Press ‘Ok’ after doing your setup.
  • To customize your stylus, go to ‘Digital Pen’. There you will find options to adjust your stylus keys. You can also adjust your pen’s pressure sensitivity there. Don’t forget to hit ‘OK’ after you’re done.
  • To adjust the display setting, go to ‘Work Area’. There you will find an option to set the display size. You will find options to customize the working area on the bottom left side. You will also find options to rotate the screen in the bottom right corner and set it according to your need. 

Furthermore, those of you who also want to know whether the tablet comes with any drawing software. No, it does not. You can easily download drawing software and work with them with your tablet. 

What can you do with Huion?

Huion brings an affordable range of devices to meet the vast need of customers of different levels. They bring reasonable-priced graphics tablets with which you can get amazing features for your drawing purpose.

They are very handy for beginners to professionals and to some extent, they provide great value for money. They also have digital stylus pens to work with tablets and many other things to help you in bringing your imagination to life.

What software does the Huion 420 work with?

This tablet works with most graphics software. Some popular are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc. 


We are about to end this article on does Huion come with software. You have known by now that it certainly does.

It is the driver that you have to download from the Huion website. It is named ‘Huion Tablet’. You’ll see it after installing it on your device.

This software lets you customize your tablet. You can adjust some settings according to your work preferences. The digital pen that comes with the tablet is also customizable with the help of this software.

This software is beneficial for the options that it provides. Download and install it for setting up your tablet. Explore the application to get the facilities that will help you in your work.

Good luck!

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