How To Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung Wirelessly: Easy Steps

Walter Moore

In this technology-based world, data is the most precious and valuable for us. However, we may need to transfer data from one device to another device for various reason. And if you have two Samsung tablet or phone, luckily, can transfer the data from Samsung to Samsung wirelessly by using the Smart Switch transfer process.

So, no more worries. Here we will describe the data transfer process from Samsung to Samsung wirelessly. First, you have to complete the setup process for the new Samsung device. After opening, there will be a smart switch app on the new Samsung tablet. If not, then you have to download it and install the app on your device.

Now, let’s know the detail process!

Data Transferring from Samsung to Samsung Wirelessly: Step-by-Step Process

Every day there are many things happening in the whole world and we need to collect the data. But sometimes you may need to buy new devices because the old one is damaged or does not have enough space to operate. 

After buying a new device, the first problem we face is how to get the old device data. This problem makes people a bit worried. However, after following the steps given below, you can easily transfer the data Samsung to Samsung wirelessly. 

Let’s start the wireless data transfer process;

1. Open the Smart Switch icon:

First, tap the Smart Switch icon on your new Samsung device which is already installed. If you don’t have the Smart Witch app, then download it from the Play Store. The app will require some permissions like it has some conditions if you agree or not and which type file are included to operate the app.

You need to press Agree and next tab you need to press the continue icon. Then move to the next page and see what waits for you.

2. Tap the receive or sent icon:

On this page, you see that the process requires to know what you want in this device- sending data or receiving the data. At this point, you need to tap the send data icon on your old Samsung device to send data to another device.

Alternatively, tap the receiving data option on the new device to collect the data from your old device.

 3. Select the device type:

In this section, there are two options: Galaxy and iPhone. Here the Galaxy option represents the Samsung device and the iPhone is for iPhone devices. As you want to transfer the data from a Samsung device to a Samsung device, you need to select the Galaxy option.

So, tap or press the Galaxy icon. The other option is here for the data transfer from iPhone to Samsung device. After selecting the Galaxy, there will open a new page to continue the wireless data transfer process.

   4. Select wireless data transfer method:

In this part, the tab shows you two options: cable and wireless. You need to select the wireless icon. The other option is for a cable in which you need a USB cable to transfer data. But in the wireless data transfer process, there is no need to connect the devices with a cable or wire.

 5. Connect the both Samsung devices: 

Both devices will start to search for other devices to connect. Then, on your Samsung device, there will be a notification that will require your permission to connect the device with the other Samsung device. At this moment, you need to press the allow icon and wait for a few seconds to connect both Samsung devices.

 6. Select the files:

There is a tab in which all the folders and document icons show. Then, select the necessary files, photos, and documents that you want to transfer to your new device. 

After selecting the data, you need to tap the transfer option and wait for the transfer because this process needs some time depending on the file size and the speed of your network speed.

If the file size is small and your network connection is very fast, then it will take a few moments.

 6. Tap on the sign icon:

After completing the data transfer process, there it will show 100% which means the data transfer process is complete. Then in the right-side bottom section, there will be a Done option to click. Click the option and go to the home screen.

Then you can find all the data that you transfer from the old device in your new one and make it confirm to open the folders.


After following the given 6 steps, you can complete the data transfer process Samsung to Samsung wirelessly. The wireless data transfer process is easier than the cable one. In the cable process, you need to carry the cable all the time with you. But in the wireless process, it is more comfortable to operate.

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