Who Makes Digiland Tablets?

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Where are Digiland tablets made and manufactured

The market for tablets is not as big as smartphones but there are a lot of budget-friendly tablet brands. If you are searching for one, you might have come across the name Digiland tablets.

Among all the budget-friendly tablet brands, the Digiland tablet is most definitely one of them. And if you are planning to buy a tablet, it’s worth considering the brand.

Digiland makes budget-friendly android and windows tablets. But right now, only the android tablet lineup is available in the market.

To make a decision like this, you must know all the options, right? So, let us dive deep and find out every important detail about this brand.

Where Are Digiland Tablets Made And Manufactured?

Digiland is an Italian company of electronics. They make one of the most affordable tablets on the market. The company started its journey in 2011.

Currently, the tablets are made in Italy. 

But it is not sure where the tablet’s parts were manufactured from. Because tablet parts are generally outsourced from China, Taiwan, and other big electronics-producing countries.

It is quite normal because even the big companies do not manufacture their own hardware. 

The Products Made By Digiland:

Unlike other brands, they do not name their tablets. So, if you have a preference, you might want to write down the model number.

Digiland – 10.1″ (DL1036)

This model is one of the latest models from Digiland tablets. It was available in the market around June 2021. It comes with a big 10.1-inch IPS display.

Its resolution is 1280×800, which might be not very high resolution for this type of display. But for the tablets under $100, this is like a standard resolution. 

It comes with 32GB of internal storage, a quad-core CPU, and 2GB of ram. So, daily tasks like web browsing, watching videos, and playing the low-demanding game should be all right with it.

The best part of this tablet is that it is listed as a 100-dollar tablet but it comes with android 10.0. So, you are getting an updated device compared to other cheap tablets.

Digiland – 10.1″ (DL1023)

This model is exactly the same as the one previously mentioned. It also comes with the same screen size, display resolution, CPU, and RAM. But it comes with year earlier android operating system.

It comes with android 9.0(pie). Except for the operating system, it has basically all the same features. But this is out of the market right now. Now that an updated model exists, it is better to buy the latest model.

Digiland – 10.1″ (DL1016)

Similar to the previous model, it also has a 10.1-inch screen with the same resolution. It uses a processor made by Mediatek. One of the main differences of this model from the model DL1036 is that it comes with Android 8.1(Oreo).

It is an older model compared to the previous model. And cost around 90$ from best buy.

It comes with a 32 GB storage option along with the option of an external micro sd card. The tablet has a 5000mah battery which should give you decent battery life. But it has 1.5GB ram which is 25% less than the DL1036 model.

How does Digiland tablet’s brand Warranty work? 

All models mentioned earlier have the same warranty policy. They have 90 days parts warranty from the manufacturer. These warranty policies are applicable only to the verified seller. A big seller of Digiland tablets is Best Buy.

Brand comparison

Are Amazon Tablets Better Than Digiland Tablets?

Both the Amazon tablets and Digiland tablets offer great value for money products. But the key difference should be considered here.

Digiland tablets are pure Android tablets whereas Amazon tablets are a custom-made version for the Amazon ecosystem. So, amazon tablets do not have google services but have similar services from Amazon.

Are Lenovo Tablets Better Than Digiland Tablets?

Digiland tablets are really budget-oriented products. In price comparison, they have near-stock android experience, medium hardware capacity, and very poor design.

Lenovo is also a budget-oriented tablet manufacturer. But Lenovo’s tablets are a bit higher in price than Digiland. However, for a quality product, Lenovo is a far more reliable brand than Digiland.

3 Reasons To Buy A Digiland Tablet


Digiland offers tablets that are really low-priced compared to the other tablet models. If you are looking for really cheap, tablets Digiland is for sure a good option.

Android experience

Digiland’s tablets have a stock android operating system. So, they have all the android features natively. You don’t have to worry about any risky and unstable operating system. 

Upgradable and Updated

All the latest models of Digiland tablets have an upgradeable microSD card slot. So you can always use an external memory card. Digiland offers up to android 10 with 2GB RAM which is good compared to other tablets in this price range.

Are There Any Drawbacks? 

New brand

Compared to other well-established brands, Digiland is a quit new brand.


Digiland tablet’s old models go out of the market very fast. Instead of the latest model, it is very hard to find a brand new condition of some earlier models. 

Build quality

In the budget-friendly section, it is very common to have a medium build quality. Digiland is not an exception to this. But there are some bad reviews about its display and reliability.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available For The Digiland Tablet?

There are a lot of brands that offer a very good deal like Digiland tablets. But in comparison, Amazon tablets are really a very good alternative option. Amazon is far more reliable than Digiland tablets.


How Much RAM Does The Digiland Tablet Have?

The latest models of Digiland tablets have 2GB ram.

What Operating System Is On The Digiland Tablets?

Digiland tablets have an android operating system. The latest model (DL1036) has android version 10.0


There are not a lot of good options in terms of budget-friendly tablets. Considering all the options, Digiland tablets provide a good deal for the price. But there are some good alternatives. So, you should explore them too.

Most of the models of Digiland tablets are around $100 or less. You can buy them even for a cheaper price on some particular days. Thus, making it one of the most affordable choices for kids, content watching, and other casual works.

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