Who makes MeBerry Tablets?

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Who makes MeBerry Tablets

If you are looking for cheap tablets, there’s a chance Meberry is one of the names on your list. This company makes budget tablets that aren’t necessarily the best in their class but they’re still worth buying if you want something inexpensive that works well enough to get by.

Many people like these kinds of products because they offer good value and low cost at the same time and if you need any convincing before buying one, just check out this article.

Here we will first talk about the manufacturer of Meberry tablets and then some of their products. After that, we will discuss whether Meberry tablets are worth buying or not. That will give you get a good overview of this tablet. So let’s get started.

Here Is The Short Answer Who Makes Meberry Tablets

Talking about the manufacturer of Meberry tablets, a Chinese company makes Meberry tablets. Shenzhenshi Yunhang Keji Youxian Gongsi is the name of the company that makes Meberry tablets. 

This name is kind of weird to the west-world countries. However, this is the name that is written in the product description of Meberry tablets.

Where Are Meberry Tablets Made And Manufactured

Shenzhenshi Yunhang Keji Youxian Gongsi, a company based in china, makes Meberry tablets. It is more of a retail corporation that sells electronic equipment like tablets with some home appliances and consumer products. 

Located in the Longgang district of china, the company was founded on July 30 in 2010. Ever since the company is manufacturing different types of products along with Meberry tablets. As for being made by a Chinese company, these tablets are manufactured in china. 

The Products Of The Brand Made By This Manufacturer

Meberry generally makes their tablets –Meberry M6 & Meberry M7. They also manufacture some accessories compatible with their tablets like a wireless mouse & Bluetooth keyboard. However, the 10.1-inch Meberry M7 is the most popular tablet for their customers. Here are the details about it.

Meberry M7

Meberry M7

This tablet is equipped with a 10.0-inch display and it comes in blue color. Though the 2022 version of this tablet offers different colors. It has a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, which gives you a great viewing experience.

Its processor is clocked at 1.60 GHz, and 4GB RAM to run all your apps smoothly without lagging or freezing up while working on them. The internal storage space available on this device is 64GB so that you can install all the apps that you want on your phone or PC with ease as well as use them as well! 

And about the battery, the large 8000mah ensures you up to 8 hours of nonstop usage. All these features mean that there wouldn’t be any problems while playing games or watching videos!

How Does The Brand Warranty Work

As far as we know, the Meberry brand does not offer any warranty on its products. However, Meberry tablets do cover a warranty. 

This warranty is provided either by the importer of the tablet or by the vendor, according to their own warranty policy. So to get an after-sale service for these tablets, you have to contact the importer or the vendor from whom you bought the Meberry tablet.

Are These Tablets Any Good? 5 Reasons To Buy One

A tablet brand like Meberry is a very good option to consider when you want to use a tablet for light usage. For example, it is easier to read documents or watch videos on a large display rather than on smartphones. Other than this, tablets are lightweight compared to laptops. 

This is what all other tablets provide to their users but here are the reasons why Meberry tablets are good to use instead of those.

Inexpensive Tablet

The first and foremost reason to have a Meberry tablet is its pricing. Meberry tablets are very cheap, costing you less than 150$. The best Meberry tablet has a price tag of 145.99$ on online sites. The performance you will get in these tablets is hard to find in other tablets at that price tag. 


The slim body and the metal back with different colors give these tablets a standard look. And the black bezel around the screen is perfect in width which makes holding these tablets easier.


These tablets are powered by an octa-core processor with 4/64 GB storage, which is common to many tablets but is hard to find in a budget of 150USD. As a budget tablet, it is hard to complain about the performance of these tablets. 


A large capacity battery is used in Meberry tablets to have uninterrupted usage. The 8000mah guarantees you up to 8 hours and is capable to power you up all day on a single charge.


Regarding usability, these tablets can be used as an alternative to laptops. To study or for entertainment, these tablets are the perfect companion for you. 

The large display with high resolution produces a clear image to see all the details on the screen without having to zoom in or out.

Are There Any Drawbacks

MeBerry tablets are middle-class low budget tablets. That means this brand offers tablets with good hardware at a very affordable price. But like other low-budget tablets, these tablets aren’t top class.

Some users gave a negative feedback about the performance of Meberry tablets as they couldn’t fulfill their expectations. Some users had issues with network connectivity and the build quality of the tablet also.

And as the brand doesn’t directly offer a warranty, this leads to serious dissatisfaction with after-sale service to the customers.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available For Meberry Tablets

The consumer electronics market is heavily competitive. Almost every product has its alternative. So does the Meberry tablet.

As Meberry aims for a budget tablet, its main focus is on middle-class tablet users. In this category, there are many tablets like amazon fire tablets, dragon touch k10, Asus memo pad 7, and many more. 

But among them, Samsung tab A 8.0 is the best alternative to Meberry tablets considering price & performance along with the brand value.


Tablets are one of the most popular forms of portable electronics in the world. They’re great for reading, watching movies and playing games. You can also use them to do work on the go whether it be checking your email, connecting with friends, or even browsing the web.

For these reasons, having Meberry tablets can be a good option as they offer you good features at a low cost.

Though you might have already an idea that Meberry tablets are not known to be the best in their class but this tablet is a good choice for anyone to buy a 10-inch tablet. It has all features & specifications you need but an affordable price point.

However, if you want to have an alternative to the Meberry tablet then Samsung tab A 8.0 will the best for you.

Here is all for today. We hope that now you have a good idea about Meberry tablets. See you in another article.

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