Why Are Wacom Tablets So Expensive

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Why Are Wacom Tablets So Expensive

There are many ways to get creative with Wacom, whether you want to sketch, enter the design field, hone your video and animation talents, or master note-taking.

Create stunning 3D models with a pen display or pen computer, take notes using a digital pen on your laptop or Android smartphone, or use a pen tablet to master picture editing techniques. There are no restrictions on how you may express your creativity when using Wacom.

But you know Wacom tablets are a little bit expensive compared to other brands. Hence, you may wonder, why are Wacom tablets so expensive? Well, there are so many reasons behind it.

In this article, we will explore all the things that make Wacom tablets expensive. Let’s get started.  

What is special about Wacom? Top 5 Features

1) Digital Handwriting-

Many people might suggest that handwriting is uncomfortable. However, using digital stationery is frequently simpler and more user-friendly than entering data using a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.

Since writing on paper with pens and pencils is something that everyone has done since they were young, even in today’s digital age, handwriting plays a crucial function in conveying information that goes beyond the words themselves. Because of this, Wacom is dedicated to digital accessories.

2) Quick service 

Do you want to write down an idea that has just arisen for you? Always write it down by hand; it’s quick and simple. All you need to do is pick up a pen and start writing, whether it’s notes to family or friends or remarks on whatever you’re reading.

3) Animation & Film

Turn your videos into masterfully edited works of art or become immersed in the newest animation methods to unleash your creativity.

4) Tilt sensitivity feature

A feature called “tilt sensitivity” makes your tablet responsive to the angle at which the pen is placed on the surface. The Wacom Intuos Pro line of tablets includes it. 

Additionally, the more sophisticated Wacom tablets come with Bluetooth and better resolutions and pressure sensitivity levels. In other words, they’re a better choice for drawings that are more precise and in-depth, making them a better match for amateur artists and designers.

5) Digital drawing

You may use the Wacom tablets for more than simply digital drawing. Additionally, you can lay a piece of paper right on the screen, use a real ink pen to draw on it, and the gadget will convert your drawing into a digital one. 

A fine-tip pen, a paper clip, an accessories case, 10 sheets of A5 paper, and three fine-tip ink refills are all included in the set of instruments you need for this. 

Are There Any Cheap Tablets Than Wacom?

Yes. One alternative is the Huion Kamvas Pro 24. The Huion Kamvas is openly marketed as a Cintiq substitute, so it will need to stand out significantly to compete.

Is it successful? Yes, this is undoubtedly a reliable and more affordable option for the Wacom tablets! It has a stunning display with 120% sRGB color space coverage and a 2K resolution. Thanks to the PW517 pen’s 60° tilt support and battery-free operation, the sketching experience is also excellent.

Although hardly a deal-breaker, some customers have mentioned some latency and tracking difficulties with the stylus on the Canvas. The main conclusion is that this is a great option if you want a Wacom tablets alternative.

Another one is the XP-Pen Deco Pro. the tablet has a similar form and functionality as a Wacom tablet, but it costs around a third less.

The program has certain bugs and is less stable than Wacom’s, especially on Mac. Additionally, the tablet lacks several luxuries, like Bluetooth connectivity. Nevertheless, it fulfills the essential requirements and does it at a very alluring price. An excellent first tablet for someone serious about practicing their craft.

Is It Worth Being So Expensive Wacom Tablets?

Wacom drawing tablets are more outstanding than other drawing tablets in terms of user-friendly control choices, technology, overall performance, and durability, but they are also more expensive.

After years of use, there is still little competition, and customers are loyal to the brand. Wacom has long been recognized as the only company that makes huge graphic tablets and pen displays.

Due to this, Wacom is the only option available to individuals who need a tablet with a sizable drawing surface. Wacom’s graphics tablets are well known in the industry for being reliable and practical.

When a question comes about the build quality of Wacom products, a user said on Quora, “I have been using Intuos 4 for a long time (nearly 15 years), and despite it looking a little worn out, it functions just as well as the day I purchased it.”


Wacom stands out from other companies like Huion and XP-Pen because of its high level of credibility and dependability. The Wacom tablets are a great entry-level drawing tablet for novices exploring the marvels of digital art or picture editing/retouching.

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