Why Does My Asus Tablet Take So Long To Charge

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Why Does My Asus Tablet Take So Long To Charge

The charging system of the Asus tablet is very deft. As a consequence, anyone who has the Asus tablet can charge it in a short time. 

But sometimes, you may have one objection against the charging system of an Asus tablet: why does my Asus tablet take so long to charge? 

Well, there are plenty of reasons for taking so long to charge your Asus tablet. Shortly, you will find out the problem neither in your Asus tablet nor your charger of your Asus tablet. 

So, you have to jump deeply to find out the exact reason for this problem. 

What Are The Reasons That My Asus Tablet Takes So Long To Charge

It may happen for many reasons such as the old version OS of your Asus tablet, the old model of your charger, drains your battery, maybe your charger has a power issue problem, if your tablet is rooted, and so on. 

Let’s go through the rest of the part of this article at a glance to understand this reason perfectly. 

The Charging System Of The Asus Tablet 

You can charge your Asus tablet with any adapter. Hence, the best adapters for the Asus tablets are Fonepad7, Vivotab smart, Memopad10, Nexus 7, and so on. In fact, you can buy those chargers at a good price. Besides, you can find an Asus charger easily for charging your tablet. 

Your Asus tablet will charge quickly with those chargers. Most importantly, you will not face any problems with the charging of your tablet. 

If you want to charge your tablet with a cable, then you need a USB C-type cable. After that, you have to connect this to your power adapter. 

The Reason For Taking The Asus Tablet So Long To Charge 

If you use an Asus tablet for so long, then you may face a problem while you charge your Asus tablet. Your Asus tablet will take charge for a long time. As a consequence, you can not charge your tablet quickly. For this, you have to connect your tablet with your charger longer. 

Besides this, there are many reasons behind this phenomenon which are- 

  • If you are using a corrupted cable: 

A cable is the most important accessory for charging an Asus tablet quickly. For this, you have to check your Cable first. 

The cable of your Asus tablet may have some flow. As a consequence, your cable will be bent or coiled. After that, your Asus tablet will not charge quickly. 

In contrast, if you have a poor-quality charger, then your charging speed will decrease. 

  • If you are using a wireless charger:

A wireless charger is not a high-speed charger. If you think you can charge your tablet fast with portable charger or power banks, then you are absolutely wrong. 

This will be a wrong idea when you are in a hurry to charge your Asus tablet. 

  • Your charger may have power source issue:

If your AC or DC adapter has one watt only, then it will take longer to complete the full charge of your Asus tablet. 

  • If you do not change your old model charger:

Similar to other brand tablets, Asus tablets need more power over a period of time. As a consequence, if you connect your new tablet with an old model of charger, then it will take time to charge. 

  • When you use the old version of OS in your Asus tablet:

If you do not update your operating system, then you can not charge your Asus tablet quickly. So, you have to update your Asus tablet when it is required. 

  • If your battery drains rapidly when it is idle:

You will not be able to charge your tablet rapidly if the battery of your Asus tablet drains so fast when it is idle.

When an Asus tablet comes with high-end specifications, it increases battery consumption. For this, you will need more time to charge your battery fully. 

  • Apps running in the background of your Asus tablet:

Some apps will always run automatically in the background on your Asus tablets. If you want to uninstall this app, but you can not uninstall.  

These apps will be the reason for making your tablet slow down. Also, it will drain the battery so fast. For this, you can not charge your tablet rapidly. 

  • If your tablet is overheating so quickly:

If your table overheats while it’s charging, then it will reduce your charging speed. Because, the excessive heat makes the charging speed slow consistently. 


Solving this problem will not be so hard. If you find out the exact reason for the late-charging of your Asus tablet, then you will be able to solve it easily. 

I hope this article will help you a lot to figure it out fully. As a consequence, you may be able to make the charging system of your Asus tablet so fast. 

Best wishes for you!