Are All Asus Tablet Chargers Compatible?

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Are All Asus Tablet Chargers Compatible

ASUS Tablet comes partially charged. And that’s why it needs to be charged fully before using it for the first time. The Asus Tablet box contains the Asus Tablet Charger in it.

So, there should be no doubt that all the Asus tablet chargers are compatible.  Hence, Asus recommends the bundled ASUS Tablet adapter and cable to charge the Asus tablet.

Let’s have a detailed insight!

Are all ASUS Tablet Chargers the same?

No, all Asus Tablet chargers are not the same. The older version is Micro USB whereas the newer is USB Type-C. Different adapters have different power ratings. That’s why rated power adapters that come with bundles are strongly recommended to charge the Asus tablets.

These chargers can charge the Asus device faster. The chargers for newer versions (USB-C) are more convenient than the older ones (Micro USB). USB-C supports fast charging technology.

What Kind Of Charger Does An Asus Tablet Use?

Asus uses mainly two types of chargers. One is the older version (micro USB) and another is the new one (USB type-C or USB-C). 

Micro USB: For FonePad7, MemoPad 10, VivoTab Smart or Nexus 7, Asus uses the older version of the micro USB charger.

USB Type-C: The newer version of tablets like the Vivopad, TransformerPad, Zenpad, and Eeepad support the new Type-C charger. The output voltage of the Asus Tablet AC power adapter for these devices is DC 5V, 2A. 

Asus Tablet Chargers Compatibility

All Asus tablet chargers are compatible with the Asus Tablets. These Asus adapters are also compatible with other devices having the same charging port.

Asus recommends using only a bundled AC power adapter and cable to charge the Asus Tablets. Using a different charger and cable may damage the tablet.

The Official Asus Tablet Charger is strongly recommended for Asus devices. By choosing Asus chargers, high-performance can be obtained and charging time will be rapid that can save time. 

Any adapter with the same charging port as the Asus Tablet can charge the device. Using a high quality quick charger can’t reduce charging time if tablet batteries don’t have quick charge support. 

Can I charge an Asus Tablet with a phone charger?

You can charge your Asus Tablet with a phone charger. All Micro-USB chargers are rated for 5V, that’s why you never really have to worry about accidentally plugging your device into a charger with too high of a voltage. Asus recommends using their bundled charger, otherwise, it may cause damage to your device. 

Basically, all modern tablet and smartphone batteries are designed with a chip that regulates the input, they will allow only what they can handle. If your battery doesn’t support quick charge but you use a quick charger, the tablet will just charge at the normal speed it’s designed for.

So, it’s better to buy a high-quality charger with a larger rating. Most of the newer batteries accept fast charging technology. Chargers also have a smart charging system.

For fast charging, there are different technologies. If your battery and charger don’t have the same technology, then it makes the charging a little bit slower. But it will not harm your device.   

Can I use any ASUS laptop charger for my Asus Tablet?

Asus tablets use two types of charging ports: Micro USB and USB-C. On the other hand, older Asus laptops have proprietary charging ports and newer laptops come with Type-C ports.

The proprietary charging system is not used for any Asus Tablet. But the Type-C charger of the ASUS laptop can be used for any Type-C supported Asus tablet.

The fast charger of a laptop can’t charge faster if the tablet does not support the fast charging technology. Then it will charge at its regular charging speed. 


That’s all about we have share with you. Hopefully, you have the answer now whether all the Asus tablet chargers are compatible or not. 

Just be careful when you are using any third-party charger for your Asus tablet. That’s because any wrong selection can damage your Asus tablet. 

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