Are Huion Pens Universal

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Are Huion Pens Universal

Huion is a China-based brand that manufactures graphics tablets, pen displays, and so on. Their stylus pens may have compatibility with several models.

Hence, a question can stir in your mind, are Huion Pens universal? Unfortunately, the answer is no! Huion pens are not universal. They have selective workability over selective devices.

If you are thinking about buying a Huion stylus pen and using any device you like, you might be wrong. The pen may not be compatible with the desired device that you want it to work on.

Are Huion Pens Universal

Yet, there are lots of things to be hopeful about. That’s because there are a few models of Huion tablets that are compatible with any stylus pen.

Huion Pens compatibility 

Any Huion pen you choose from varieties of options available on the market is not universal. They have restrictive usage on devices. Does a single pen work on all the models of Huion tablets? No, that is also not going to happen.

Some Huion pens can work over other brands like Monoprice tablets if they have compatibility. If the device that you want your Huion pen to work on has the same technology as the Stylus pen, then they are compatible and you can work with your Huion pen on that device.

Huion produces stylus pens that work on many Huion tablet models. They do not make dedicated pens for every single model that you can not use over other models which is a plus point.

Below given some Huion pens lists and their compatibility across other models of Huion tablets:

Huion P68 Pen: This stylus pen is a battery pen. This pen has workability with many Huion devices but not all. Such as it will not support Inspiroy series tablets. GT series tablets are not supported by it as well.

Huion PW100 Pen: This pen model is battery-free. This pen has two shortcut keys that are programmable. This facility will enable the user to give more freedom in his/her working arena. It is supported by Huion H640P tablet, Huion H950P tablet, Huion H640P tablet etc.

Huion PW507 Pen: This  Huion pen is again a battery-free pen. It has programmable shortcut keys as well, like the PW100 one. Ths pen gives a good grip to users and enhances their work environment. This model can be used with the Huion tablets Kamvas pro versions from 12 to 20 and also Kamvas-GT 191 V2 supports this pen.

Pairing with the Huion pen: The stylus pen display can show two modes- on mode and off mode. If you find it off, then connect that with your Monoprice tablet with the USB port and it will begin to work. If the pen display is in on- mode, then turn it off and put in the USB cable once more.

Huion Pen Not Working?

If your Huion pen is not working with your Monoprice tablet, the following can be some of the reasons:

  • The battery of the pen may not be fully charged.
  • The pen’s model may be incompatible with the tablet.
  • Installation of the driver may not have been done properly.
  • The USB port of the tablet might have a problem.

Check if your Huion Pen has a problem or not :

  • If your pen is a battery pen, then check whether it has a battery inserted or not. If not, then insert its battery.
  • For a battery pen, you have to properly turn on the power button.
  • Check whether the battery is dead or not when the pen’s not working. If it is, then replace it with a new one.
  • Insert the battery with the correct poles with their respective sides for your battery pen.
  • For rechargeable pens, charge them fully before use. If they do not work, then use them with a USB cable.
  • If your battery-free pen is not working, then check whether there is a problem with the pen’s nib or not by changing the nib with a new nib.


1. Is A Huion pen better or an XP pen better?

Ans: If you like to have pencil experience more rather than pen experience, then an XP pen will be good for him. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a pen-like experience, then he would like Huion styluses.

2. What is a pressure-sensitive stylus?

Ans: Pressure-sensitive styluses have pressure sensors built in the nibs that give them the pressure sensing ability. They sense different pressures given by the user and following those pressure variations, the output varies. It gives a thicken line when putting a good amount of pressure whereas a thin line will be produced if given slight pressure.

3.Do Huion pens have an eraser?

Ans: You can have an eraser by setting up one of the pen’s buttons as an eraser. Go to tablet driver> click Digital Pen> select the button that you want to set as eraser> Unclick all under the keyboard combination keys and then add “E”> press ok to save> select apply or ok.

4. What is the Huion Scribo pen?

Ans: The Huion Scribo PW310 is an amazing pen that you can use to draw on paper and this drawing will be synchronized with the computer that you want to draw on. 


The above discussion clearly states whether are Huion Pens Universal or not. You’ve already known it by now that they are not universal. Does one pen go with all the devices? no that is not gonna happen.

You have to carefully choose your pen and the device that you want to work with keeping in mind the compatibility factor. You will find many Huion pens that support a couple of tablets.

Decide wisely. Good luck!

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