Why Won’t My Dragon Touch Tablet Turn On

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Why Won't My Dragon Touch Tablet Turn On

As far as we know, Dragon Touch is one of the most popular affordable tablets worldwide. Dragon Touch which is a sub-brand of TabletExpress has been producing high-quality tablets for over a decade.

Yet, as an electronics product, some operational problems may arise in a Dragon Touch tablet, such as suddenly it may not turn on, Consequently, the question may arise in your mind,  Why won’t my Dragon Touch tablet turn on? 

Our today’s topic is to assist you to overcome that embarrassing situation. So, Let’s start exploring. 

Why Won’t My Dragon Touch Tablet Turn On?

Electronic products are very vulnerable by nature; that is why problems may arise at any time. Sometimes you may find your tablet is not turning on without any pre-symptoms or signals. If you are in that condition right now,  go through the procedure referred to in the article to solve your problem. 

First of all, let’s check your device parts thoroughly as below:

Charging Cord, Converter, And, Charging Port  Problem: 

If you didn’t face any malign problem in your tablet PC before today, then first, check whether your battery is empty or charged. To be sure about your battery charge condition, you must check whether the charging-related accessories are performing well. Because the faulty accessories will not supply charges to your battery properly.

First of all, be sure that the charging cord or USB cables are okay. These parts can be damaged anytime for no reason. To check it, you may connect it with another device of the same configuration. If it is found to be faulty. The only solution is to purchase new cords.

The female port of the charging line of your tablet may be deterred by dust and soot. Hence, it may not make connections properly with the male port of your charger.

If the port is found dirty, then you need to clean it with compressed air. Or if it is deformed and not connecting to the male port of the charger, then change it by a technician.

Sometimes the charger converter may also be damaged, which means you have to buy a new charger.

Faulty Battery Or Damaged Battery

If the charger, cable, and port have no problem, your device may not be turned on due to the damaged battery. The battery performance of electronic devices goes down day by day while using. It may even crash completely without any incident.

Your battery may be also damaged due to water falling on it, dropping the tablet from high to a hard surface, extreme weather, etc. In this case, you need to check the battery health by connecting the charger.

If the battery icon starts flickering after connecting the charger, then wait a few minutes for charging the battery. That means your battery is okay, then try it on your tablet. Hope it will work to solve the problem.

Besides, if you find the battery icon on the screen is not flickering, then maybe the battery is gone for sure. The only solution of it is to replace the battery with a new battery of the same configuration.

Broken display

Due to the broken screen or display, you may not recognize whether your tablet is on or off. To test your tablet’s display, press, and hold the power button for around 30 seconds.

Then, after completing the reboot process, call in your tablet and check if the tablet rings or not. If it rings but doesn’t show anything, you can assume your tablet’s display is damaged. The solution to the damaged display is to change it from any customer care or tablet repair center. 

If you still do not find any clue, as to why your Dragon Touch tablet doesn’t turn on, don’t be disheartened. There may remain some other reasons like the bad power button, attack of the bug, the frozen device at off condition, any internal part damage, etc. Check out these reasons and solve them efficiently to turn on your Dragon Touch Tablet.


In the above discussion, we have given all of the possible answers to your question. why won’t your Dragon Touch tablet turn on? Though most of the time, the use of electronic devices is enjoyable, sometimes it becomes the reason for immense tension. Specifically, when any device doesn’t turn on without any identified reasons.

All of our efforts are to assist you in coping with that perplexing situation. If you have any more queries about your device, feel free to contact us, by leaving a comment. 

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