Are Huion Tablet Good? Answer Here

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Are Huion Tablet good?

There are different models of Huion Tablet available on the market with different dimensions, specifications, and uses. So you can be confused when purchasing. Hence, you may want to know ” are Huion tablets good

Obviously, Huion tablets are good. Specifically best for pressure sensitivity, stylus/pen, price, shortcut, warranty, and support.

Let’s explore all about Huion Tablet.

Are Huion Tablets good: The Facts Behind

Generally, the answer depends on the purpose of the users. Huion Tablet is the best tablet for drawing than most other tablets. If you are a graphic designer, artist, or writer either experienced or inexperienced, undoubtedly Huion tablet is the perfect choice for you.

You should also choose the Huion tablet if you have a limited or low budget for purchasing it. You can get many similarly featured tablets like Huion tablets on the market. But if you count the price and quality, Huion Tablet takes the top position.

Are Huion Tablet good
Is Huion Tablet good


What Are The Advantages Of The Huion Tablet?

There are some advantages that make Huion Tablet popular in the market. You should know the benefits of the Huion Tablet before purchasing. And here are the benefits that a Huion tablet offers:

Pen or Stylus: Huion Tablet stylus is very light as well as easy to recharge and use. It may have long durability. 

Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the Huion Tablet is around 8192 levels of pen pressure. It means the Huion Tablet screen sensitivity level is very high. No matter how thick or thin and heavy or light a stylus or pen is, the Huion Tablet screen can support it.

Price: Price depends on the model. Different models have different prices. However, comparatively Huion Tablet has a low price than the other tablet with the same quality and features.

Shortcuts: Huion Tablet has many useful shortcut functions like changing brush size, zoom, eraser, brush, and others.

Multitouch: You can touch many points of the screen at the same time. It helps you to increase functionality.

Warranty and support: Most Huion models have one year warranty. You can enjoy the customer support facilities in 24/7 hours online chat.

These advantages are considered as extra facilities for users. So, you should consider these when purchasing one for yourself.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Huion Tablets?

There are also some disadvantages of Huion Tablet that you should know before purchasing a new Huion Tablet.

Drivers: It may be very complicated for downloading, finding, and installing drivers. Then you need to go to an expert.

No cable-free: There is no wireless option for connection. That’s why you can not take it anywhere you want.

Compatibility: When Huion Tablet comes with compatibility,  it is slightly more restrictive.

packaging: The boxes of Huion products are unattractive.

These disadvantages are seen in  Huion Tablet. So you should consider these at the time of purchasing the Huion Tablet.

Top Five New Models Of Huion Tablet With Specifications And Prices

  Name     Specifications            Price
HUION H610PRO V28192 Battery-Free Stylus Tilt Function.10 x 6.25-inch Graphics Tablet.
 Compatible with PC, Mac, or Android Mobile. 8 Shortcut Keys.
286 USD
HUION Inspiroy H640P 8192 Pressure Sensitivity.Battery-Free Stylus. Graphics Drawing Tablet. 6 Customized Hotkeys.Digital Pen Tablet for Windows PC, Mac, and Android.334 USD
HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Battery-Free Stylus.Graphics Drawing Tablet.15.6inch Pen Display. Touch Bar Adjustable Stand. 399 USD
HUION Kamvas 13Battery-Free Stylus.Graphics Drawing Tablet. 8 Express Keys with Adjustable stand.8192 Pressure Sensitivity.13.3inch Graphics Tablet. Green.259 USD
HUION Inspiroy Keydial KD200 8.9×5.6inch Pen Tablet.Bluetooth 5.0.Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet. Keyboard Dial 5 Customized Express Keys.8.9×5.6inch Pen Tablet.Battery-Free Stylus.PW517 Tilt for PC, Mac, Android.169 USD

You can purchase a new Huion Tablet by knowing about the different specifications from the above.


You should purchase a tablet that can actually fulfill your demand. Similarly, you should know whether Huion tablets are good or bad before choosing one for you.

I think now you know all the aspects of Huion tablets. 

Good Luck!

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