Are Wacom Tablets Waterproof

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Are Wacom Tablets Waterproof

Wacom tablets are getting more and more attention recently, especially from those who love to design and explore creativity. People are choosing Wacom tablets as an alternative because it is difficult to do art or design on a computer as it is not portable.

However, a question arises in people’s minds while using Wacom tablets, that is, are Wacom tablets waterproof?

Like most other electronic devices, Wacom tablets are not waterproof, and getting them wet can damage the device.

So, do you have the same question in mind? If so, then keep reading this article to find out more in detail.

Are Wacom Tablets Waterproof

Most graphic designers in today’s era use Wacom tablets, but many times, due to carelessness, the tablet gets wet, soaked in the rain, or dropped in a bucket full of water. So many people may have asked this question, whether the Wacom tablets waterproof or not?

Wacom tablets are electrical devices that use a battery to run and must be connected to a computer to operate. Most electrical devices are not waterproof and get damaged by contact with water. Wacom tablets are no exception. They can be damaged or spoiled if they get wet.

What Is A Wacom Tablet used for?

When hearing the name of the Wacom tablet, many people think that it works like a normal tablet. But in this case, it is completely different from other normal tablets.

A Wacom tablet is an input device that all photographers and graphic designers use to draw or design.

Graphic designers connect it to a computer and draw on it using a pen or brush. you will find it pretty comfortable to draw or edit your work or photos on a Wacom tablet.

Can You Wash Your Wacom Tablet?

Since the Wacom tablet is an input device, it needs to be kept away from water as much as possible. 

Never try to spill water or any kind of liquid onto your  Wacom tablet or pen. Washing your tablet may cause failure or damage if fluids are exposed. 

What Happens If Your Wacom Tablet Gets Wet?

In very general terms, if your tablet gets wet, it will be spoiled or damaged.

Let’s explain scientifically. Water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. On the other hand, materials used in electronic devices contain carbon. So when oxygen comes in contact with carbon they react and form carbon dioxide.

You know that Wacom tablets are input devices that need to be charged. And since it is an electronic device, a chemical reaction will occur when it comes into contact with water or gets wet.As a result, your Wacom tablet will be damaged.

Further, many times, you may notice that when water enters the device, water flows inside. In this case, not only the display of your Wacom tablet but inside the hardware is also damaged a lot.

How To Clean Your Wacom Tablet

Use a soft cloth to clean your tablet. The handkerchief must be dry. Do not use any moisture or spray on your Wacom tablet. You should also avoid using tissues as lint can scratch the protective layer on your tablet screen.


Any electronic device is prone to damage if it falls into the water. Water is one of the biggest enemies of electronic devices. Water has the ability to destroy devices ranging from computers to phones, radios, tablets, etc.

Since your Wacom tablet is an electronic device, it is not waterproof and you should always keep it away from water.

So, are Wacom tablets waterproof?  I think you know the answer now. Make sure you read the Wacom Tablet product information and specifications first. If your tablet is waterproof, then it must be written in the specification and on the box.

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