Do Wacom Pens Work On All Tablets

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Do Wacom Pens Work On All Tablets

When it comes to Wacom tablets, pens are one of the essential things in using a Wacom tablet, making it easy to draw on. Wacom tablet pens are responsive and sensitive. They are well-known as digital pens that are powered by electromagnetic resonance technology.

As they are digital tools, their use and access are limited. So the question may come to your mind, do Wacom pens work on all tablets?

No, in most cases, Wacom pens only work with the devices they come with. However,  they may work on tablets of other brands such as Samsung, and Microsoft as Wacom pens are operated by electromagnetic resonance technology.  

Let’s dig into more details.

Do Wacom Pens Work On All Tablets

Generally, A Wacom pen cannot work on other tablets. It is designed to write only on a specific Wacom tablet. Wacom pens are laser pens that can write on tablets with the help of a laser beam.

In most cases, Wacom pens are made only for Wacom tablets, so they are not compatible with other brands of tablets and may not work on other tablets. 

How Do Wacom Tablet Pens Work?

The Wacom Pen is a digital pen that does not use batteries or magnets. Instead, it uses electromagnetic resonance technology through which radio waves are sent into the pen and returned for location analysis.

When Wacom Pen comes very close to the tablet surface, then it starts to resonate. Thus it generates its own frequency back to the tablet.

When it listens to the tablet, the position of a pen is tracked with unprecedented precision. Then, the tablet sends position, pressure, and tilt information to the computer.  along with it, the tablet sends a signal indicating whether a pen point or eraser is being used.

Do Wacom Tablet Pen Work With Other Brands?

In most cases, the answer is no. But it uses Electromagnetic Resonance technology which supports by some other famous brands like Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung. So you may be able to use your Wacom Pen on some of those brands of tablets.

Can You Replace The Wacom Pen?

If you want to replace your Wacom pen with another brand of pen, it won’t work. Wacom tablets only work with the pen that comes with the device.

So you should bring a pen compatible with your tablet model. Remember that the new pen you get should match the pen that came with the device. If you bring any other model pen, chances are high that it won’t work.

How Do You Know Which Wacom Pen Works On Your Tablet?

If you don’t know which Wacom pen works with your tablet, check your tablet’s serial number and model number. Connect your tablet to the computer to view the model number and then go to Support and click Diagnostic Data. It will show your device’s model number and serial number by which you will be able to know what pen model to use with your Wacom tablet.


Over time, more advanced technology is being added to the Wacom pen. The responsiveness and sensitivity of the Wacom pen are increasing a lot and becoming popular in the market. However, these Wacom pens are not compatible with older models.

Besides, the new generation of Wacom tablets uses different and more advanced pen technology than the previous generation. That is why recent Wacom tablets don’t work with any other model or any previous model pen. 

So,  Do Wacom pens work on all tablets? I think you know the answer now.

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