Can I Print From My Asus Tablet

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Can I Print From My Asus Tablet

The Asus tablet serves lots of services including personal tasks. you can share things, make presentations, and do slideshows on a bigger screen with an Asus tablet. Students can read through it.

But now, it is necessary to know whether can you print from your Asus tablet or not. Because of meeting various purposes, printing accessibility is needed.

This tablet offers connection of LTE, WiFi, and also Bluetooth for smooth data networking. These tablets are also compatible with various printers.

So, let’s see how the Asus tablet works regarding printing.

Can I Print From My Asus Tablet?

Yes, you can print from the Asus tablet. But before starting printing, you have to follow some instructions to make your device ready for it.

This compatibility with printers opens a new arena to work with tablets. People can easily now do their office work and their study task at home. You will also get the cloud printing option from your Asus tablet.

So, get the functions installed to your tablet right now to get all these facilities.

Is there a USB or wireless printer compatible with an Asus tablet?

Well, many of you are interested in travel document printing and you are not interested in taking the hassle of wire-included devices, right? So, hence, you may be interested to know whether there is any portable printer service available with the Asus tablet or not.

So let’s know shortly about this matter:

Well, you can print your things with the support of any USB cable or wireless printer from your Asus tablet. If your printer has a USB port, then you can easily do this.

However, you can also use cloud print. It is a service of Google that provides you with the cloud printing option. As Asus is an android tablet, you can easily use this cloud technology to do wireless printing through your tablet.

How to install google cloud print?

The procedure is very simple. 

  • First, you have to go to the google play store to download the cloud print for free.
  • You can check its connection by tapping the setting options and by seeing the printing options.
  • If there is no service available, then you need to download the cloud print.
  • After downloading it, you have to install the cloud print.
  • Next, you have to add your printer. Top right-hand corner, you will get the options menu.
  • From there, select the ‘add service’ option. Then, by following the instructions, you will have wirelessly connected the printer.
  • Now, you can do commands to print from using the cloud print option.
  • Make sure the option of cloud printing is enabled at that time.

How can I connect my tablet to my printer?

To connect the Asus tablet to the printer, first, you have to buy a printer that has compatibility with your Asus tablet. Then follow the following step:

  • First, turn on the wifi and go to the home screen of your tablet.
  • Then, click the app’s icon. Here you get the setting options and then you will find printing options. Now, go into it.
  • After that, you have to set the printing service section. Tap your preferred printing option. Such as – cloud print.
  • You can add other printing services too. For adding other services, you need to add other devices like Samsung, HP, Lexmark etc.
  • Then, you have to complete the remaining steps to further proceed.
  • Always ensure all the devices are on and then select the printer options.

Can I connect an Asus tablet with an HP printer or canon printer?

HP or Canon printers have the compatibility to work with Asus tablets. All these printers provide apps to enable printing options from smartphones or tablets. So, you can also connect these printers for printing your necessary things.

Asus has few options to connect with the devices of printing protocol. However, these devices are supported by Asus. So you can connect it with your tablets.


There is plenty of necessity for connecting tablets with printers. Almost every work can be easy if you have the option of printing with your currently used device.

The Asus tablet is now a great option if you have any concerns regarding whether can I print from my Asus tablet or not.

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