Why Doesn’t My Asus Tablet Connect With Wifi?

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Why Is My Asus Tablet Not Connecting To Wifi

It is great to have a tablet beside android phones. It is easy to perform office tasks instantly on a tablet with a large display and has extra room for a keyboard and mouse.

Many people use Asus tablets. And most importantly, Asus is possible to connect with wifi. 

However, when your Asus tablet does not connect to wifi, it is frustrating. Hence, if you know why your Asus tablet doesn’t connect with wifi, you can have a way.

You can learn about how to fix wifi connectivity issues in this article. 

Asus Tablet Doesn’t Connect With Wifi: What The Reasons

There may be several reasons behind this issue. Whatever the reasons are, you can fix this problem by following a few tricks. Let’s jump into to explore these tips and tricks. 

Restart Your Device 

Often, restarting your device fixes many issues. It clears the ram. So, if anything is wrong, the first step is to restart the device. 

  • Hold the power button for a few seconds. It will show a message that you want to power off it.
  • Hold the button again after shutting down.
  • You may also click restart if it is available. 

Stay in Wifi Coverage 

Maybe, you are too far from your router. Try to use your device within the wifi coverage. Also if there is a possibility of radio interference, set the router in the correct position.

Change some configuration of the wifi router. Switch to a different channel. If you are using 5ghz, try switching to 2.4 ghz. 

Restart the Router 

Sometimes, the router malfunctions. So, you may not be able to connect with wifi. For this reason, restart it. 

You may restart it after logging into its configuration page. You also can unplug it. Wait for a few seconds. Then, again turn it on. 

Click on Forget Wifi 

Sometimes, forgetting the wifi fixes connection issues. Go to wifi settings. Hold the wifi name. Click forget. Then, connect again by entering the correct password. 

Check the Physical Slider or Button 

Some tablets include a physical slider or button. It helps to turn on or off some hardware such as wifi, Bluetooth and so on. 

Check whether it is working properly or not. If it is not working properly, it might turn off your wifi.

Check Battery Saver 

Nowadays, the new generation Asus tablets are so smart. It can automatically switch on the battery saver at a certain level. Most of the time, it turns on after having 15% or less battery. 

Check out whether your battery saver settings prevent you from turning on wifi or not. Turn off auto battery saver mode. 

Toggle Wifi or Aeroplane 

Whenever Wifi of your Asus tablet does not work as expected, turn off wifi and on it back again. According to my experience, it works. 

Sometimes. Asus tablets come with sim connectivity. Its radio signal may prevent it from connecting with wifi. 

So, try turning on the aeroplane. Do not worry. You can use wifi and Bluetooth after switching on aeroplane mode. 

Reset Network or Tablet 

If everything fails, the last step before contacting customer care is to reset the network. First, try resetting the network. If it does not work, reset the tablet.

Although you do not lose data after resetting the network, it deletes everything from your tablet after resetting the tablet.

If you want to reset the network, go to Settings > System > Reset option. Tap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile network or Bluetooth. It will clear your network preference and configuration.

Then, it should fix your connectivity issue. If it does not fix, tap delete all data. It will wipe out everything. Hopefully, now you can connect with wifi. 

Contact Customer Care 

If you cannot connect with wifi after resetting your tablet, there is some hardware issue. Contact customer care. They will repair your tablet so that you can again connect with wifi easily. 


In conclusion, I want to say that tablets are great devices with wifi. If you cannot connect your Asus tablet to wifi, you can easily fix it by following this troubleshooting guide.

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