Can I Use a Wacom Tablet With Adobe Illustrator?

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wacom tablet with adobe illustrator

Do you want to save your time without compromising the quality of your art hence enhancing it with more natural strokes, and maintaining art integrity and precision? Then, this article is going to enlighten you with the answer of the most searched question: Can I use a Wacom Tablet with Adobe Illustrator?

The answer is yes, you can. And throughout this article, you will know how you can connect your tablet with Adobe illustrator and how it gives you more intense and high-quality work.

So, without further delay let’s get started.

Can I Use a Wacom Tablet With Adobe Illustrator?

Well, I have already given you the answer, yes you can use a Wacom tablet with adobe illustrator. Moreover, the Wacom tablet will give you better chances to utilize digital painting tools. It offers loads of choices and varieties of opportunities rather than traditional media.

Basically, it will boost up your drawings to another level. You can draw more naturally through the tablet compared to the mouse.

Benefits Of Using A Wacom Tablet With Adobe illustrator

Using a Wacom tablet can change the whole game of your digital painting journey. You have lots of options and benefits to doing more diversified work in digital art. So let’s talk about the benefit of using a Wacom tablet with adobe illustrator:

  • Quick access to select the proper canvas size
  • Loads to color and lights enhancements options
  • You can use an eraser to correct the blemishes or any mistake
  • Pressure controlling features
  • Multi-touch gesture
  • More customized options

How do I use a Wacom tablet with Adobe illustrator?

To use your Wacom tablet with adobe, you first have to install the configuration of the adobe illustrator with your tablet. You can find software installation links on their websites.

After installing the configuration of adobe, open illustrator and input the device. Under this condition, you can run your Wacom tablet with Adobe illustrator. Among various software, Adobe illustrator is one of the remarkable ones. With the successful installation of it, you can use the Wacom tablet with it.

How to draw in Adobe illustrator with a Wacom tablet?

There are so many tools in adobe that you can utilize more with a tablet. Because a tablet has come through a pen which helps you to draw more natural strokes in your painting. Moreover, you can have the blob brush tool and the paintbrush tool in adobe illustrator software which you can also better utilize through the Wacom tablet.

The process of drawing in Adobe with Wacom is very simple. The procedures are given as follows:

  • First pick a brush tool from adobe illustrator.
  • Then, simply press the pen on your tablet to get a stroke on your document. The Wacom tablet has a pen which is pressure sensitive. So, by picking a brush tool from Adobe and with the help of this pen you will get a good dimension in your every stroke.
  • Furthermore, you can get the calligraphy pen tool from adobe which will help you to get width variations through your artwork.
  • Simply with the mouse you will not be able to draw that much deficiency in your work.

Wacom products for professional illustration

Wacom tablets are best for professional illustration work. Some of the professional Wacom tablets are MobileStudio Pro Wacom high definition creative professional tablet, then you have Wacom Clinique Pro, Intuos Pro Paper professional pen tablet, etc.

You can buy any of them to increase the intensity of your digital art. Anyways, some of you may have questions regarding what is the best Wacom tablet for doing adobe illustrations. Then, I would say Wacom Cintiq 22, and Intuos Pro large would be the best solution for doing illustration.


As Wacom tablet and adobe illustrator are compatible with each other, you are able to connect them and use them together. Hopefully, you have got your answer: can I use a Wacom tablet with Adobe illustrator?

Moreover, recently, all the professional artists do their work with the connection of adobe with their Wacom tablet. It gives the zoom-in and zoom-out service with the finest artistic quality.

So, hopefully, you will get a new experience with these two things.

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