Can You Connect Wacom Tablet to Android?

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Can You Connect Wacom Tablet to Android

Hey, digital android artist, do you know now you can have the option to connect your Wacom tablet to your android phone? Yes, you can easily connect your Wacom tablet with your android phone.

So, it’s the time wherever and whenever you get your creative idea, you can easily enhance it through the connection availability of Wacom and android together.

Now, how can you connect the Wacom tablet to Android? Well, to connect the Wacom tablet with your android, you need to select some compatible android phones, USB cables, and some other stuff.

The whole process will be covered in this article. So let’s get started.

Can You Connect a Wacom Tablet to Android?

Yes, now you can connect the Wacom tablet to android. Android-supported Wacom tablet is available on the market. But before setting it down to your phone, you have some prerequisites. Such as-

  • Wacom tab
  • Android phone or device
  • OTG cable
  • USB cable
  • Wacom pen

However, with this special cable and the stuff, you can easily connect the Wacom tablet to your android phone. Now, it’s time to discuss how you can set it. So here is the answer.

How To Set Up The Wacom Tablet For Android?

Step 1: Buy a new Wacom tab and unbox it

To set it up, you first have to buy a Wacom tablet that has an android support configuration. Then, start to go to the next step.

Step 2: Connect the USB cable with the Wacom tablet

The Wacom tablet should come with a USB cable. Then what you have to do is connect the USB cable to your tablet.

Step 3: Connect the USB cable with the OTG cable

After completing the connection of the USB cable with your tab, then you have to connect the OTG with the USB cable.

Step 4: Connect the OTG with your phone

After finishing the task of connecting the OTG and USB cable, you have to connect your phone with the OTG.

Step 5: Settings> turn on the connection of the OTG

After doing all the things, now you have to go to the options named settings. Then go through more settings options of your Wacom tablet and turn on the OTG connection.

Step 6: Take the Wacom pen and do start with your new drawing

When you complete all these actions, then the function would allow using your Wacom tablet with your android. Now you can able to draw anything with the help of your connection with your phone.

What Are The Benefits Of Connecting The Wacom Tablet With Android?

Well, there are lots of benefits of connecting a Wacom tablet with an android phone. It actually gives you more compliments on your work and makes your life easygoing. Apart from this, there are several things. Such as-

  • Helps to be compatible with different kinds of apps
  • Helps to meet the craving for a larger screen
  • Level up your game
  • Precise graphic drawing etc.

Can You Use The Bluetooth Option For Connecting Wacom With Android?

Wacom tablet has been made for the persons who have started their drawing, editing, painting, and Photoshop working with their PC, android phone, MAC, etc.

For adding more intensity to their workings, this wireless Wacom tablet has built-in Bluetooth service. You can enjoy this facility with your android phone and convey your all stuff on a bigger screen for doing more advanced work with the help of the Wacom tablet.


There are lots of people who don’t have the capability to buy tablets for drawing, painting, or editing purposes. But most of them have one android smartphone. However, with the help of the developed technology, now you can get access to your android with the Wacom tablets.

Hopefully, through the article, you have got a proper explanation about whether can you connect the Wacom tablet to android or not. And how you have to do it all is written here.

I hope all these things will be very helpful to enhance your work more with the support of Wacom on your android phone.

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