Can Samsung Tablets Get Viruses?

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Can Samsung Tablets get Viruses

Virus and malware attacks are one of the worst nightmares of a tablet user. Being susceptible to virus attacks, the full potential usage of tablets is stripped due to the random virus and malware attacks. Hence, one may ask the question, can their Samsung tablets get viruses.

Samsung, one of the prominent tablet producers in the world, uses android os to run its products. So it depicts that Samsung tablets fall under the 47.15 % of being attacked by viruses and malware.

Now, you may think of preventive measures for such issues. Well, you can save your Samsung tablet from viruses. And throughout this article, you will find an in-depth guideline on it. 

Can Samsung Tablets get Viruses: 

A case study has reported that Android phones and tablets are more likely to confront virus, malware, and spyware attacks, ranging up to 47.15 %. It is surely a lot when compared to pc virus attacks.

Let’s explore the causes as well as prevention measures that you should take to save your Samsung tablet from viruses. 

Causes of Virus and Malware attack on Samsung Tablets : 

Various reasons cause virus attacks on Samsung Tablets. Some causes are discussed below for the betterment of understanding of virus attacks.

  1. Installing apps from unofficial sites is the leading cause of virus attacks on Samsung Tablets. The unofficial apps tend to carry viruses and malware with them
  2. Downloading files from unrecognized sites  also carries the risk of attacking the tablet with viruses
  3. Clicking on different scam sites, phishing sites, sites containing a large number of unwanted ads has a big possibility of attacking the tablets with viruses and malware

Symptoms of the tablet being attacked by virus and malware:

Certain signs indicate that your tablet is under virus and malware attack, such as :

  • The working process of the phone becomes slow
  • It takes much time to load an app
  • The battery drainage becomes faster than before
  • Gushing of data usage without any reason
  • The apps crash frequently and randomly
  • Many times, overheating also occurs

Besides this, you can also check for viruses in the Samsung tablets in the following ways

  • Go to the menu and search for the “apps
  • On the options, you will see a “ smart manager” and click on it
  • You need to tap “security” to check whether the tablet was scanned before for virus
  • Then tap on the “scan now” button to check for viruses
Symptoms of the tablet being attacked by virus and malware

Ways to prevent Virus attacks on Samsung Tablets :

Due to the known virus attack susceptibility of androids, Samsung has a Built-in feature called Samsung Knox to give a layer of protection to its tablets.

Still, it is not enough to protect the tablet from Viruses. The following are some ways to prevent the virus attacks

  1. Using the security software is a necessary step to stop virus attacks on the tablets. It ensures that the tablet is free from the risks of viruses that may attack from the internet or unrecognized places
  2. Updating the software to the latest versions is also a way to stop virus and malware attacks.
  3. Verification of the installed apps is a key procedure to stop and prevent virus attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need virus protection on my Samsung tablets?

It’s better safe than sorry, so yes, keeping a virus protection software is better to protect your device

Do tablets have built-in security?

Yes, they have, but most of the time it is not good enough to keep your tablet safe from all sources of the virus and random malware attacks


It is a matter of unuttered importance whether the tablet is safe from virus attacks. We hope that our article was able to answer your ques, can Samsung tablets get viruses 

Following the above instructions, you will be able to use your Samsung tablets hassle-free and without any tension whether your tablet is safe or not.

So stay safe and protected from viruses and cyber threats.

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