Can Samsung Tablets Be Repaired?

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Can Samsung Tablets Be Repaired

In the modern-day, tablets, especially Samsung tablets, are famous worldwide. They are portable rather than laptops. So, most people like to use Samsung tablets. But the fact is, can Samsung tablets be repaired?

Yes, Samsung tablets can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. Nowadays, all the elements of Samsung tablets, such as screen, battery, charging port, power button, headphone jack, vibrate or mute switch, volume button, etc., can be repaired smoothly.

Let’s start to learn step by step process of repairing a Samsung tablet.

Can Samsung Tablets Be Repaired?

Of course, Samsung tablets can easily be repaired. You can fix all parts of your Samsung tablets. Interestingly, you can repair some parts on your own!

Now, we will explore how to repair damaged parts of your Samsung tablet.

Screen Repair Of Samsung Tablet

The screen is an essential part of the Samsung tablet. If your tablet screen is not working correctly, you have to repair it.

In this case, you can follow two ways. You can repair it yourself. Otherwise, you can go to the servicing center. 

  • If you want to repair yourself, you should follow some steps:
  • Remove the back cover using Guitar Pick
  • Now, remove the battery connector
  • After that, remove the touch screen connector
  • Now heat the edges for a while
  • Loosen the adhesive by using a Guitar pick
  • Remove the touch screen and then install the new touch screen

Issues Of A Battery Of Samsung Tablet

The battery is the backbone of a tablet. But after a certain period, it loses its lifespan. Then you have to replace your Samsung tablet’s battery.

  • To replace your Samsung tablet’s battery, you have to go through the following steps:
  • Remove the back cover and the adhesive on the two connectors
  • Lift the battery connector latch and disconnect
  • Now, remove the battery, and then insert the new battery
  • After that, replace the ribbon cable
  • Replace the adhesive covering with the connector
  • Finally, replace the screen and press it into place.

Thus, you can replace your Samsung tablet’s battery. If you face any problems, you should go to the nearest servicing center.

Power And Volume Button Repair Of Samsung Tablet 

If the power button of your Samsung tablet is broken or damaged, you have to repair it. You can follow some procedures for repairing the power and volume button on your Samsung tablet.

The procedures are:

  • Remove the back cover and battery
  • Separate red, black, and blue cables on the white connector
  • Disconnect the power and volume button
  • Now, insert the new power and volume button on your Samsung tablet

Charging Port Repair Of Samsung Tablet

If your Samsung tablet is not charging, you should check your charger to ensure whether it is ok. Then you need to repair or replace your charging port. To replace your charging port, you should follow these steps:

  • First of all, remove the back cover
  • Remove the port’s connector and insert the new connector,
  • Place the back cover

Now you can test charging on your Samsung tablet.

Headphone Jack Repair Of Samsung Tablet

Over time, the headphone jack of Samsung tablets can become damaged. 

When the jack is damaged, you should install a new jack on your Samsung tablet by following these steps:

  • Remove the back cover
  • Remove the headphone jack from the motherboard
  • Insert the new headphone jack, and place the back cover.
  • After that, check the working condition of the headphone jack on your Samsung tablet

Thus, you can continue enjoying your playlist.


How Do I Repair My Samsung Tablet If It Won’t Turn On?

Ans: First, connect your Samsung tablet to a wall power source. Then you have to wait about a few minutes to start power. Finally, press and hold the Volume down and power button for a few seconds. Thus, you can turn on your Samsung tablet.

How Much Is It To Repair A Samsung Tablet Screen?

Ans: The screen repair cost for the Samsung tablet depends on the tablet’s model. Around 300$ to 320$, you can repair your Samsung tablet screen. 

Is It Worth Repairing A Tablet?

Ans: While your tablet’s overall condition is good and just needs to cost a little money, you should repair the Samsung tablets.


This article has described all possible repairing methods for your Samsung tablets. And now you should befully informed person about can Samsung tablets be repaired. 

However, after getting all the necessary information, I hope you will be able to repair your Samsung tablet.

So, try to identify the particular issues of your Samsung tablet and take the necessary steps to repair it to get service for a long time. 

Good luck! 

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