Can You Connect A Wacom Tablet To An iPad?

Walter Moore

Is That Possible To Connect A Wacom Tablet With An Ipad

Do you want to draw in a full desktop version of photography with all its functions? Or do you want to be able to draw anywhere? Or do you want new mobile apps for drawing? 

If your answers are yes, then choose a digital tablet, in that case, a Wacom tablet or Ipad is preferable. 

In the basis for all illustrators or graphic designers, a tablet works as an input device for the computer.

However, can you connect a Wacom tablet to an iPad? Yes, this is a very common query that you may have. And luckily, the answer is yes. 

Let’s explore a deep insight.

Wacom Tablet: An Overview 

To express your creativity with advanced technology viz. drawing, designing, 3D gaming, photo editing, in film and animation, e-learning, capturing ideas or doing jobs remotely, there are incomputable facilities with Wacom.  

The pen tablets of Wacom will empower your imagination, will bring your paper sketches to life, will make easy digital creativity, and so on. Wacom family of the stylus is designed to power your on-screen activity, for great ergonomic design, to make doodles on screen as on paper. 

Whatever, wherever, whenever – you can create the most attractive artworks with Wacom families. And disrupting your flow will not hamper its long-lasting battery.

An Overview of iPad

Ipad, a touchscreen tablet PC, is designed by apple Inc. Ipad gives an intuitive interface and brilliant display as an operating system (iOS) and links to other Apple devices.

The Apple Pencil, smart keyboard, magic keyboard, smart keyboard folio, and different adapters are included as accessories for the ipad.

If you give attention to all of its functions, it is smaller than any computer but works as equal to all software or app on a computer.

Can You Connect A Wacom Tablet To An iPad?

Is That Possible To Connect A Wacom Tablet With An iPad

The answer is partial no. It’s not so good but it works mostly. One way to connect a Wacom Tablet with an iPad through wire-

  • Connect the tablet wire to a powered USB Bank.
  • Then connect that USB Bank wire to another powered USB Bank. 
  • Then attach another wire from thr first one to an iPad camera USB Dongle which will be connected to the iPad.
  • Then use the Wacom stylus on the screen of wacom tablet and you will find Wacom has connected to the iPad.

Apparently, you can connect Wacom to iPad via bluetooth but that is not so workable.

Which one is the best: Wacom or iPad?

In the case of price, Wacom is cheaper than the iPad though the first one includes a pencil. And if you are in need of pen tools, then nothing can beat Wacom Tablets.

In the case of portability,  you must choose an iPad because Wacom must be attached with a computer with a wire but iPad is wireless and portable to anywhere.

Both Wacom and iPad are tablets but you have to use these two for different purposes. If you choose just one, then you should pick the Wacom. That’s because of its illustration style.

The iPad actually is more of a “fun” thing to have. Sometimes you can even use it to sketch ideas. However, your final illustrations have always to be done with the Wacom and computer.

As connected with a computer, A Wacom tablet has no resolution limits whereas an iPad has limits of resolution as it works with its screen.

If you are a beginner at illustration, then iPad is preferable to you. But in case of budget, you can choose the Wacom tablet first. And if you have the budget, then you can take both of them.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, you can understand that the Wacom and the iPad of them are two types of tablet computers of which one comes with wire and another one is wireless. So, basically, the two can not be connected ignoring some special cases.

But you can use both of them with different aspects. 

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