Who Makes Onn Tablets?

Walter Moore

Who Makes Onn Tablets

We can’t imagine our daily life without electronic gadgets. Tablets are one of the most widely used electronic gadgets. There are many types of tablets available on the market, and the Onn is one of them.

You may use Onn tablets but don’t know who makes Onn tablets. Nothing to worry about, I am here to give all the information about the Onn tablet like the manufacturer of these tablets, the brand warranty, and other related information.

If you want to know all the related information about the Onn tablet, just go through the whole article. I have brought up some of the alternatives to the Onn tablet. If you are interested to know, just stay with us till the end!

Let’s start now without further delay.

Here Is The Short Answer: Who Makes Onn Tablets

The world’s biggest company Walmart makes and manufactures the Onn tablet as an electronic gadget. It’s an American company. The headquarter of this company is in Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville is known for the Walmart chain, developed by the Walmart company.

Sam Walton is the founder of Walmart. He established Walmart almost 60 years ago on July 2, 1962.

Where Are These Tablets Made And Manufactured?

Although Onn tablets are used all over the world it is not made everywhere. Walmart is an American-based company, not china-based. But they manufacture Onn tablets in China.

A China-based company named Chunghsin Technology Group Co. Ltd. is the manufacturer company of this tablet under Walmart. Onn tablets are manufactured here and distributed all over the world.

Besides Onn tablets, Chunghsin Technology Group Co. Ltd. develops and manufactures television sets, computers, and other electronic gadgets.

The Products Of The Brand Are Made By Walmart:

Walmart makes many types of ONN tablets for customers. They manufactured tablets especially for kids also. Here I am giving some information about the latest tablets launched by Walmart.

Onn. 7″ Tablet, 32GB (2022 Model) – Charcoal

Onn. 7" Tablet, 32GB (2022 Model) - Charcoal

The price of this tablet is not so high but it has excellent features. You can use it to stream the web or for video games easily. Its operating system is android 11 and has 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage.

The battery backup is up to 10 hours. It has four different colors. A customer can choose any buy his or her interest. 

At a low price, this tablet can give you the ultimate satisfaction. If you have the budget to buy a premium one, purchase it.

Onn. 8″ Tablet, 32GB (2022 Model) – Charcoal

Onn. 8" Tablet, 32GB (2022 Model) - Charcoal

It’s the other updated version of the Onn tablet. It has 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, and a battery backup of up to 15 hours. Four colors are available to purchase. 

Just purchase this one and browse the website, stream video, and play games up to 15 hours without any doubt.

How Does The Brand Warranty Of Onn Tablets Work? 

Like all other companies, Walmart has its warranty policy. Walmart will give you the warranty service from the purchasing date to one (1) year. Walmart is obligated to repair the defective parts during this period.

Walmart has some conditions for giving you the warranty service. They are listed below:

  1. Customers have to submit the tablet with the original packaging.
  2. An Act of god is not acceptable.
  3. Customer negligence is also not acceptable.

Are Onn’s Tablets Any Good? 5 Reasons To Buy One

Onn tablet has many good reasons to buy one. Here I am giving 5 specific reasons why it’s the best and why you should choose to buy it.


If anyone wants to buy a tablet, then the first thing that comes up to his mind is what should be the price. And if he wants a good one at a reasonable price, then the Onn tablet can be the best choice for him.

For Onn tablets, Walmart is more customer friendly than other companies when it comes to pricing. So if you also want to buy a relatively good tablet at a low price, then Onn can be a good choice for you.


Compared to the price, the performance of this tablet is really good. You can easily browse, play games, YouTubing, and others. So you need not worry about the performance of this tablet.


The design of an Onn tablet is quite good compared to other tablets. Its metal body looks so premium. The design is very satisfying compared to other tablets.


Its metal body looks so premium. It looks much better than any other tablet.No complaints were found regarding the looks from the customer.

Customer service:

We all know that Walmart is a very big company and all the services from them are very reliable. For any type of problem-related to the tablet, they try to give you the best support.

If You face any problem with your tablet, then you can easily contact the seller and get the best service. And if you are eligible for their warranty policy, then they fix the tablet without any charges. 

Are There Any Drawbacks Of The Onn Tablet?

There is nothing in this world that is perfect. So the Onn tablet has some drawbacks too. They are given below:

  • The sound quality is not so good compared to other tablets.
  • The display quality is not full HD.

If we want to compare an Onn table with any premium tablet, then we must say there is a lot to improve in this brand. We hope the company will fix its errors and give us a better tablet.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available For The Onn Tablet?

Now it’s time to discuss the alternatives of an Onn tablet. There is a huge number of tablet manufacturing companies that manufactured tablets and can be the perfect alternative to Onn. Below I mention two alternatives to Onn tablets……

Amazon tablet: In the field of android tablets, amazon has good fame. It can be a good alternative to Onn brand tablets. It has all the features that are available on an Onn brand. The display quality, camera, sound system and, the other features are quite improved compared to the Onn.

However, you may have to pay a little more for this. I think it’s not the problem because you are getting premium services, so you have to pay a little more and it is acceptable.

Lenovo tablet: Lenovo is another brand that manufactures good quality tablets. I must say that the sound quality of a Lenovo tablet is impressive. The design is so attractive. Warranty policies are almost the same as the Onn tablet.

Like the Amazon tablet, the price of the Lenovo tablet may be a bit higher. But it will satisfy you with its services.


What Is The Brand Name Of Onn Tablet?

World’s one of the biggest brands name Walmart owns Onn tablets.

Are Onn Products Good?

The world’s largest company Walmart produces Onn product. The onn products are decent and customers friendly by pricing.

Does the Onn tablet have an SD card slot?

Yes, it has a micro HD card slot. 

How Long Will An Onn Tablet Last?

If you used it with care, It will last for a couple of years or longer. Since its body is made of metal, it can easily withstand minor injuries.

Can You Download Netflix On The Onn Tablet?

Netflix is available after Android version 2.3. Since the latest Onn tablet uses android version 11. So, yes, you can easily download NetFlix on the Onn tablet.

Does Onn 8 tablet have GPS?

Yes, the Onn tablet has a GPS system. Make sure you turn on the location on the tablet.

Does an Onn tablet have a USB port?

Onn tablet has a USB-C port for charging.


Now, I think you have got the answer to the question of who makes Onn tablets. So, You can make your decision to buy the Onn tablet by yourself.

For me, after considering all the aspects, I think Onn is a good tablet on a low budget. Since you are spending less money, it is natural that the service will be a little less. If you are looking for better service, then you can buy another tablet that I mention before.

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