Does RCA Tablet Have Bluetooth

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Does RCA Tablet Have Bluetooth

RCA tablet is an android tablet that is capable of working with Wi-Fi to connect with other devices. In fact, RCA tablets are very user-friendly and handy as it has the perfect size to carry them everywhere.

As an operating system, It has windows 10 and accessibility to the android interface which makes it more convenient to use for its users. Hence, its users are getting various options to work with this device.

Now, the fact is whether the RCA tablet has Bluetooth or not. Enhancing the option of Bluetooth to connect it with other devices may open up the easiest service for RCA tablet users.

Does the RCA tablet have Bluetooth?

Yes, RCA tablets have Bluetooth. To get easy access to other devices, you can turn on the options of Bluetooth in this device. By connecting this device with Bluetooth, you can share and transfer files and necessary stuff from other devices.

The RCA tablet works with windows, android and is compatible with Bluetooth which gives you an extra benefit within your tech tools.

What version of Bluetooth does RCA Tablet have?

To see what kind of version of Bluetooth is available in the RCA Bluetooth, you need to go to the app settings options. There you will find the Bluetooth and then you have to click on it to see what version of Bluetooth is available here.

Under the app information section, you will easily get the info regarding any app including Bluetooth. Some phones may have other options but mostly, you get Bluetooth options by following this way.

What is the operating system of the RCA tablet?

RCA tablet is an android tablet that has 2 GB RAM with 32 GB of enough storage. It is an alternative to a computer or laptop. It has an HD touch screening facility.

 This tablet also gives service about Wi-Fi Bluetooth. The speed of the Bluetooth is 1.3GHz with 4 Quad-core optimizations of the processor.

How do I turn on the Bluetooth on the tablet?

For turning on the Bluetooth of this device, you have to swipe down a panel from the top of the screen of your tablet. Then you can find the Bluetooth icon in the panel. Touch the icon and hold for a second to open the settings of Bluetooth.

Then, you need to make sure the Bluetooth icon is enabled on your RCA tablet. You will find the option to pair up with other devices. There will be shown the nearby device name. Now, you need to press the name of the device that you want to pair to.

How do I download the Bluetooth drivers?

For many reasons, Bluetooth may not support your device. At that moment, you have to install the drivers to activate the option. So, how can you download the Bluetooth drivers? Let’s know the processes.

  • First, you need to open settings to install the Bluetooth driver manually.
  • Then you will find the update and security options. Click on it.
  • After that, press on the windows update and you also have to check other updating options.
  • After completing this, you need to click on the update tab driver to update the Bluetooth driver.
  • Now, you can select the Bluetooth driver or the driver that you want to update. Then, click the options to download the driver.
  • After successful downloading, you have to install the driver to run.


RCA tablet is introducing a cheap option among the tablets for the customer. You can easily do your job with this tablet. Video gaming, watching movies, playing songs, calling and other services are available here. It also has the built-in feature to connect with wi-fi to make all this happen.

However, though it works with wi-fi, sometimes for sharing files and other stuff, the connection of Bluetooth seems to be a very needed thing. 

Many of you have query about does the RCA tablet have Bluetooth. For them, this article provides authentic information regarding having Bluetooth on this tablet.

So, grab your tablet to do your job in the best possible ways.

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