Can You Replace The Battery In An RCA Tablet?

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Can You Replace The Battery In A RCA Tablet

Tablet is one of the most used gadgets nowadays. As much as it is useful it is also quite costly. So if the draining out trait of its battery becomes the sole reason for changing the device then it would be a great inconvenience for the users.

The same thing lies for the RCA tablet. Yes, you may need to replace the battery of this tablet. And luckily, you can do it as the battery of the RCA tablet is replaceable. 

In this piece of writing, we would like to dig out whether it’s possible to replace the battery of an RCA tablet or not.

What to do when the RCA tablet isn’t charging?

In this case, firstly some steps can be taken like making sure the cord is ok, using a different cord, or trying the cord of your tablet on another device. Then make sure that the power button isn’t stuck. After going through all the steps, if it doesn’t start charging, then it’s a necessity to change the device’s battery.

What’s the indication to realize that the tablet’s battery needs to be changed?

The signs to get a hint that it’s time to change the tablet’s battery are:

Also swelling in the back of the device can be a huge indicator.

What is the lifespan of an RCA battery?

RCA batteries come with a very short lifetime. It lasts only for 6 hours. Whereas viewing media, using other applications and gaming can alter the lifespan by draining out battery fastly.

What’s the reason behind RCA batteries’ fast draining characteristics?

An RCA tablet’s battery-draining features are highly determined by one’s activities on the device. Any device will hold on to charge as long as the battery allows it. It will be deducted according to its runtime.

There are some activities such as gaming, watching movies, and having several apps running at a time are the reasons for the fast battery drain. Other than this, an excessively bright screen and a high range of notifications and alerts can also cause the problem.

Can you replace RCA tablet batteries?

RCA tablets come with a removable battery. Thus the replacement of this device’s battery is quite accessible. The foremost procedure is purchasing a specially composed substitute battery for the device. Then the current battery can be replaced with ease by powering down the device.

Is it possible to charge an RCA battery with a USB?

It’s very much possible to charge an RCA battery via a USB port. It can be done easily by linking to a computer’s USB port with a suitable cable. Otherwise using a mobile phone charger that has a micro USB plug linker can be a help.

Precautions about removing the battery from the RCA tablet:

While removing the battery from the RCA tablet, some precautions are extremely needed to be taken care of. It is very much crucial for the safety of the device as well as for the environment.

In tablets, Lithium-ion batteries are used which are recyclable. In the process of tossing out these batteries, you need to dispose of them at a household e-waste troupe or a battery recycling spot carefully. Along with this, electrical hazards are a must to consider accurately. 


So, yes…. It’s crystal clear that the battery in an RCA tablet is easily replaceable. You can do the restoration of the battery without any extra hassle with the specifically designed battery for your device.

It’s a relatively inexpensive and uncomplicated way out for users who desire to use the device perfectly for quite a long time. The replacement of the battery is simple under the consideration of disposing of battery trash thoroughly.

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