How To Turn Off Samsung Tablet Through 4 Effective Ways

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Samsung tablets come in many models. So finding out how to turn them off can be difficult as different models may require different process to turn off. However, in case of an emergency, such as attending a meeting, staying in hospital, library, or family gathering, what if you don’t know how to turn it off? Not so cool, right? 

However, from now on, you will never fail to turn off your Samsung tablet anymore after going through this guideline.

I have brought up here 4 effective methods regarding how to turn off Samsung tablets; let’s dive into the deep of this discussion. 

4 Effective Ways To Turn Off Samsung Tablets: 

Shutting down a Samsung tablet for a while is often beneficial to keep it going and retain its battery power for a longer period. Anyway, here are the detailed steps of 4 methods which we’ve found through our deep research.

Theseprocesses are compatible with the following models of Samsung tablets include: 

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ultra
  • Tab S8 plus
  • Tab S8 
  • Tab S7 FE 5G
  • Tab S7+, S7, S6 Lite
  • Tab A8
  • Tab A7
  • Tab Active 4 pro
  • Tab Active 3, etc.

Method 1: Turning Off Your Samsung Tablet Using Notification Panel 

Follow these steps to turn off your tablet with the help of the notification panel. 

  • Go to your tablet screen and pull down the notification panel. 
  • Here, you will see a small watch-like icon at the top of the panel. Tap this power icon twice.
  • Now, tap on the “power off” button. 
  • Repeat it until your Samsung tablet shuts down properly. 

Method 2: Taking Help From Power Key

If you’re in an emergency, then use this process to shut off your device quickly. Go through the following steps gradually.

  • Hold the side power button of your tablet until you view the power menu on its screen.
  • Next, tap the power icon once again from the notification panel. 
  • Keep it and continue to turn off the device successfully. 

Method 3: Using the Power And Volume Down Buttons 

Sometimes, the power and volume buttons work incredibly to shut down the tablet immediately. It only requires 20–30 seconds. 

  • Enroll the power and volume down buttons from the side panel of your tablet.
  • Now, press the button simultaneously until you view the power menu button on the screen. 
  • At this time, double-tap the power off button to turn off your Samsung tablet.

Method 4: Using Bixby Voice 

Bixby’s voice is an effective voice assistant that works greatly to turn off any Samsung tablet without a power button or touchdown the power icon. Follow these steps to turn off your device by using your voice command only. 

  • Install the Bixby app on your tablet if it isn’t installed there. 
  • Now, open this app on your device and command it by saying,” Hello, Bixby, turn off my tablet.” 
  • Afterward, you will see two options appear before the screen; one is reboot, and another is power off. 
  • Say, “Power off my device,” and your tablet will be turned off by itself. 


That’s all for today. We hope that you may benefit from learning these above steps. Now, tell us which one works on your device promptly. We would like to hear from you.  

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