How To Unlock RCA Tablet Without losing Data

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Unlock RCA Tablet

For your safety, you need to lock your device using a password, pin, or a pattern. But, there are some instances where you are unable to unlock the RCA tablet due to various reasons. Your tablet may contain essential data for you. So, you need to know the procedures using which you can unlock your RCA tablet. 

There is no option apart from resetting the device in case you forget the password. But, if your RCA tablet runs on Android 4.4 or older versions, there’s a way. 

So, without any further delay, let us dive into the stepwise procedure.

Step By Step Procedure

Step 1

While trying to unlock the device, you should check the type of lock you are using. You need to identify whether you have a pin, password or a pattern lock on your device.

Step 2

Press the power button on your locked device. You will see a lock screen appear. Then, simply provide the pin, pattern or password you have set previously while setting up the lock.

The device should open without a hitch. However, sometimes the tablet may be unresponsive, meaning the device will not unlock after providing the password. Hence, trying one more time should help you solve the problem.

Step 3

If you forgot the password, you will not be able to save your data and unlock your device unless the tablet runs on Android 4.4 or older versions. If your tablet has the aforementioned versions of Android OS, you need to do the following:

i) You need to enter the wrong pattern or pins five times.

ii) Then, you will see an option named “Forgot Password” popping on the screen. Select that option. 

iii) After that, you will see a screen asking for an email account and its password. Enter the email that you have used to sign in on your RCA tablet previously. However, your Tablet should be connected to the internet for you to be able to use this feature.

iv) Next, open the inbox of your email using a secondary device; it may be a computer or a phone. You will see a new message for resetting the password.

v) Opening that message will provide you with a link. Using that link, you have to set a new password, pin or pattern. You will see two boxes, namely, new password and confirm new password. Enter the password in the New Password box. After that, confirm the password by typing it once again in the confirm new password box.

vi) After you have set the new password, try opening the RCA tablet. It should unlock without any problem.

Step 4

If your device has a newer version of the operating system, you need to hold the power button and volume up button together for a few seconds. You will see that a boot screen has opened. Then, navigate the options using the volume up and volume down buttons.

Select the factory data reset option. You will see two options, Yes and No. Selecting Yes will wipe all your data and the phone will be reset. Then, you have to set up a new lock.

After that, you can unlock your device using the new password you used. However, as mentioned previously, all your data will be lost.


If you forget your password, it is impossible not to lose data in RCA tablets running on the latest software. To avoid that, it is better to back up your data online. In that way, you can always retrieve the data.

But, you can easily unlock the device in case you remember the password. We have divided the method of unlocking your RCA tablet in step by step procedures so that you have a better understanding of what you need to do. 

Reading this article should resolve your problems regarding unlocking your tablet. We hope that this article is of help to you.

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