Are RCA Tablets Good Quality

Walter Moore

Are RCA Tablets Good Quality

If you were searching for a budget tablet, you may have stumbled upon the RCA tablets. It may be your first time checking out an RCA tablet. So, you have wondered whether these tablets are good or not. 

RCA tablets have their fair share of positive and negative aspects. It depends on whether the upsides of these tablets are aligned with your priorities or not.

To determine whether a tablet is good or not, you have to consider several facts. The name of manufacturers, device specifications, positive and negative sides- all things will let you reach a decision.  

Hence, let’s go into further details about this topic without any delay.

Who Makes RCA Tablets 

RCA tablets are owned by a company named Technicolor SA. The company is based in the USA. However, Technicolor SA is originally a French company.

The Positive Sides of an RCA Tablet 

There are some upsides of RCA tablets that you may find compelling. Let us point these out below:

i) Affordability:

The key selling point of these tablets is their price. Starting from just 59 dollars, these tablets are as cheap as it gets. Their top-end RCA 12.2-inch tablet comes at a price of 159 dollars, which is considerably cheaper compared to the more popular tablets like the iPad or Amazon Fire tablets.

ii) Portability:

These tablets are easy to carry. You can use these to take class notes, or even give presentations. These weigh less than laptops and are comfortable to carry around. 

iii) 2-Mode compatibility:

You can use these tablets as a touchpad. Additionally, you can snap a keyboard to these RCA tablets and use them as a laptop. The magnets are quite strong and the keyboard also snaps to the tablet with no apparent problem.

iv) Operating System:

RCA tablets come with two types of operating system, one is Android OS while the other is Windows OS. Depending on your need, you can buy either one. The vast options to choose from are definitely an upside of RCA tablets.

v) Display:

Unlike most budget tablets in the market, RCA tablets have a pretty good display. Although the display quality cannot be compared to the top-end models, the display packs exceptional specs. The colors are vibrant and accurate.

The displays are also sharp along with having the resolution of 1920×800 to 1920×1200 pixels. The displays are bright, so outdoor performance is praiseworthy.

The Negative Sides of an RCA Tablet 

To keep the cost lower, RCA had to cut some corners. You need to consider them, as some of the cons may be a deal breaker for you. 

For instance, RCA tablets are quite thick and not very well designed. If you want a sleek and thin tablet, RCA tablets might not be the best choice for you.

Moreover, the battery life of these tablets is not exceptional. Having a bright display consumes the battery quickly. The optimization of power is not good, making the battery drain faster. Although RCA claims that the tablets will last for 6 hours of regular usage, it is not really the case.

Another thing is the performance. You can get a very good experience with watching content, browsing or light works. However, these tablets are not suitable for multitasking. But, it is expected at this price range. 

Some Alternatives of RCA Tablet 

There are quite a few alternatives to RCA tablets. One may be Amazon Fire HD 10 plus. You can also consider an older version, Amazon Fire HD 8 plus. Both tablets have reasonable pricing with great features. For other brands, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 is a popular budget option. But, if you want an all-round tablet, your best bet is to buy an Apple iPad 10.2. 


RCA tablets offer a lot of features at a low price. They have both positive and negative sides as mentioned in this article. 

It depends on whether the cons of these tablets are a major dealbreaker for you or not. If you need to use these tablets for normal purposes, we think that these tablets are worth recommending.

This article had almost all the points covered regarding the RCA tablets. We hope we were able to answer all the questions that you had on your mind. 

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