Is Dragon Touch A Chinese Company

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Is Dragon Touch A Chinese Company

No, Dragon Touch is not a Chinese company. A US-based electronics product manufacturing and distribution company named TabletExpress is the main brand of Dragon Touch. Dragon Touch, Alkai, AKASO, KingPad, and Tabsuit are the sub-brands of TabletExpress. 

They produced single-core capacitive LED screen tablets in their first generation. Now they are successfully doing their job by supplying affordable and high-quality Tablet PCs. Not only this, but they are also making some top-quality electronic items like cameras and drones.

Is Dragon Touch a Chinese company? I think you are still not satisfied with the answers given above. Yet, let’s know more deeply about Dragon Touch and fulfill your curiosity.

Is Dragon Touch A Chinese Company?

The company was established in 2011. The company started its journey with the honest idea of making affordable electronics items. 

Their target was to supply some low-priced electronics items to lower-earning people to make their daily lives easier.  

And here are some more facts about the Dragon Touch tablet.

Company Goal: 

The Dragon Touch authority believes that tablets make people’s lives easier. Though already Dragon Touch has launched some top-quality products. But they are always pushing themselves to make advancements in their products. 

Their goal is to make their products more budget-friendly to the customers with the best quality. Dragon Touch’s belief is to ” develop technology to enrich people’s lives.”

What Does Dragon Touch produce? 

Though Dragon Touch started its journey by producing tablets. Now they are producing various electronic items including tablets, baby tablets, photo frames, action cameras, drones, dash cams, kid’s cameras, baby monitors, smart home, home security, and tech accessories.

Product Quality: 

A few years ago, budget electronics products were clearly backward in technology than high-priced products. But now people need not compromise a lot to buy their electronic products within the budget. Dragon Touch tablets are one of the most solidly built high-quality budget tablets.

You can enjoy almost every option with this tablet without facing any problems. High-resolution Display, smart and fast processor, fine camera, and slim outlook- all you will find in it. Dragon Touch has made everything possible within the budget.

The market of Dragon Touch products: 

Their digital electronic products are very popular in the world market. The main market of Dragon Touch is in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

They also sell their products on various online platforms. Dragon Touch has been selling its tablets online as the best-selling budget tablet since 2013. 

Customer Service: 

Dragon Touch provides the best customer service to their customers. They provide warranty, replacement, refund, and repair facilities for their consumers. They provide a one-year manufacturer warranty on every product. The time is counted from the date of delivery to the customer. 

For batteries, USB cables, and chargers, they provide a 3-month warranty. They allow the exchange of the sold product within 30 days of selling. Dragon Touch also refunds within 30 days of purchase. Dragon Touch refunds and replaces products only that are directly sold from their sites.

Company Head Office:

The company was established in Maryland, Maryland is located in the middle of the Atlantic Region of the United States of America. 

Store Address: The DragonTouch store address is 4907 International Blvd, STE 113, Frederick, MD 21703. 

Their store visiting hours are Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm (EST).

Email: The email address of Dragon Touch is (US). The remote calling number for dragon Touch is 1-888-811-1140.


The Dragon Touch company is unique in its thinking. Its motto is to develop and manufacture top-quality electronics products at low prices. As a result, more people have been capable of buying their products and enjoying their daily lives. 

We hope they will try to achieve their goal by manufacturing more cheap rate products with the best quality. Our expectations Dragon Touch will continue to glow more in its future endeavors.

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