Is Dragon Touch A Good Brand

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Is Dragon Touch A Good Brand

Dragon Touch is an international brand that is a sub-brand of TabletExpress, it also has two other sub-brands named Alkai®, and Tabsuit®. The company has an honest approach to serving its customers with affordable tablets and accessories.

At present, Dragon Touch has obtained tremendous popularity by selling its products worldwide. Dragon Touch has launched all kinds of tablets, like tablets for gaming, and tablets for kids.

They also launched digital photo frames successfully. Dragon Touch has become the most outstanding brand of affordable tablets online for over a decade. They are specifically familiar with their tablets, baby tablets, photo frames, action cameras, drones, dash cams, and the kid’s camera.

Strong hardware, well-furnished design, higher audio quality, and a good camera, are the main focus of Dragon Touch. 

If You Still Have The Question, Is Dragon Touch A Good Band?

Let’s go into the deep reasoning by which we can certify Dragon Touch as a good brand.

Is Dragon Touch A Good Brand

Whether a brand is good or not depends on some facts including, a strong product lineup, replacement system, refund policy, and many more. But first of all, let’s know the background story of Dragon Touch.

Dragon Touch Is One Of The Leading Affordable Tablet Manufacturers:

Since 2013, Dragon Touch has achieved the highest position as the most popular low price, high-quality tablet brand on the online platform.

In 2015, Dragon Touch formed a partnership with Walt Disney to manufacture their kid’s tablets. On these kid tablets, kids can read many preloaded Disney storybooks and can play games in a controlled online setting.

These small portable tablets also ensure quality education and early learning for the kids. You can easily use it as a wireless baby monitor by connecting four cameras to the tablet.

Baby tablets are protected from any minor damage including water damage. The screen of the baby tablets is protected by shock resistance.

In the past few years, Dragon Touch has become one of the four leading kids’ tablet manufacturers in the world. Their tablets are very lightweight and easy to carry outside.

The Dragon Touch Tablet’s IPS HD display, quad-core processor, and high storage capacity will allow you to play games and store different applications. Dragon Touch started to dominate the low-range tablets market with these tablets.

Dragon Touch Has A Variety Of Products:

Dragon Touch has brought a lot of variety to its products. Though their journey started with tablets, now they are producing cameras, drones, and photo frames regularly. All of the products are the best-selling items online. Even kids can use Dragon Touch drones easily.

All DragonTouch tablet series Max10 tablet, Max10 plus tablet, Y88X Pro

Android Tablet, Notepad Y80 8-inch tablet, Notepad 102 tablet, M7 7 Inch Android tablet, K10 tablet, and Notepad K10 tablet have some great features, including the brightest display, better audio quality, highlighting performance, and longest battery life.

Replacement System :

Dragon Touch has a clear and concise replacement policy. They replace their products or parts of a product if there is any manufacturing defect and fulfill the conditions they follow.

If the faulty products qualify for warranty coverage, they will issue an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number by remote customer service. Then you have to prepare the box, write your RMA number on the outside of the box, and send it to the right address to get the replacement.

They offer free replacement with free shipping up to 30 days after receiving the product. They cost $15 shipping costs with a free replacement for up to 31-90 days after receiving. After 91 days of receiving, they charge a repair cost in accordance with the case.

Warranty Period

All of the Dragon Touch digital products are covered by a one-year warranty. More amazingly, the warranty will automatically extend up to two years if that is ordered from their official websites.

Refund Policy:

If anyone is not 100 % satisfied with the products bought from their website, within 30 days, they can refund them without any question. Only damaged products that don’t cover the warranty conditions will not be accepted by them. 

Customers can refund their product by ensuring the original box, device, charger, instructions, gifts, and other things provided during the purchase.


The Dragon Touch authority offers 10% flat discounts for every new user of their products.


At present, Dragon Touch offers so many products at the lowest price. Some brands may compete in technical terms, but they are much costlier than the Dragon Touch. Dragon Touch device’s price with performance is better than any other competitor in this segment

So we can say Dragon Touch is a great brand with some quality digital products. All of the products are very suitable for day-to-day use. These products can make your daily life easier and more enjoyable.

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