Is Huion A Chinese Company

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Is Huion A Chinese Company

Huion is one of many well-known tablet-producing companies in the world. Like many other technology-based companies, is Huion a Chinese company?

Yes, it is. Huion is a well-known Chinese company that produces and supplies tablets worldwide. They mainly manufacture drawing tablets. Additionally, they make various accessories related to tablets, such as light pads made of LED, pen displays, etc.

The Company That Owns

Huion is owned by a China-based technology company in Shenzhen. It was founded in 2011. Huion has an independent R&D capability with a good number of patents also. 

The Place Where Huion Is Manufactured:

Huion is mainly manufactured in Shenzhen, China, the headquarters of this company. Besides this, it has some worldwide agents located in America, Europe, and Asia. They altogether serve the purpose of the company.

What Else Does Huion Manufacture?

Huion is mainly a Chinese drawing tablet manufacturer company. They design their tablets, manufacture them and sell them in the market. Apart from this product, Huion also produces various tablet-related devices. They manufacture tablet pens, light pads, interactive digital writing devices, etc.

Excluding the digital devices, they provide technical solutions also. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) solutions are given by Huion, maintaining their quality services.

Is Huion a Good Brand?

It is a known fact that Huion is not the best among all the tablet manufacturing brands. But Huion ensures quality services, and they have been doing this over the years.

It was founded in 2011, and since then it has been continuously serving its customers. They follow the ideology of serving the users at the highest possible level.

This signifies how dedicated they are to their users. In addition, Huion maintains the following qualities:

  • They are cooperative with the workers who do the creative work. 
  • The company has its products reviewed by creative workers.
  • Devoted to realizing the thoughts of the customers and coworkers.
  • Huion loves creation and sharing.   

Having all these qualities, Huion can be considered a good company indeed.

Is The Huion Tablet A Good Choice?

Though Huion is not the world’s best tablet-producing company, one can choose it for beginner-level tasks and occasional uses. With various good aspects, Huion provides you with a great user experience.

As Huion is devoted to upgrading the experiences and thoughts of the users, one can expect quality services from them over the years. It is also observed that Huion tablets have a comparatively larger lifespan than the other companies in this price range.

The quality performance they offer at a reasonable price is also lucrative. So, it is arguably a good choice considering all the mentioned criteria above.


So far, we have discussed on Huion tablet whether it is a Chinese company or not. By now, you must have got the answer to your question: is Huion a Chinese company? Yes, Huion is a well-known Chinese tablet-making company owned by a Chinese multinational company. 

A product that fulfills the expectations of the buyer is considered good. Being a Chinese company, Huion is doing this so nicely by looking forward to the reviews and thoughts of the creative workers and users.

So, it can be an excellent choice to buy a Huion tablet and use it for years! 

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