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Best Samsung Tablet S Pen

Do you need to increase your workflow while working with your Samsung tablet? If “yes, you should get a Samsung tablet with an S pen. A portable S pen will help you become a creative and productive person. Now, you may ask, what is the best Samsung tablet with S Pen

All Samsung tablets don’t come with a stylus pen. Hence, you have to find desired alternatives. Besides the S pen, you have to consider other crucial factors such as processor, RAM, battery life, display, etc. 

You can comfortably use your Samsung tablet with a stylus pen to prepare presentations, draw sketches, write documents, etc. 

However, we have come up with the top 8 Samsung tablets with an S pen. Now, let’s look at the comparison table. 

Comparison Table On Best Samsung Tablet S pen 

ProductScreen SizeBattery LifeRAM-Storage
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7(Mystic Silver)11 Inches5 Hours6GB/128GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi10.4 Inches13 Hours4GB/64GB 
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8  11 Inches7 Hours8GB/128GB
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021(Mystic Silver)11 Inches5 Hours6GB/128GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P580NZKAXAR10.1 Inches22 Hours3GB/16GB
Samsung Galaxy P610 Tab S6 Lite 10.4 Inches14 Hours4GB/64GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 202112.4 Inches13 Hours4GB/64GB
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active28 Inches11 Hours1GB/16GB

8 Best Samsung Tablet with S Pen 

To help you find the best Samsung tablet S pen, here we have selected the top 8 Samsung tablets with their specifications, key features, and product description. We have examined product quality, executed market analysis, compared with other alternatives, and considered previous users’ opinions. 

Let’s start to explore them. 

  1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7(Mystic Silver)- Best Tablet With PC Performance 
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi- Best Tablet With Sleek and Slim design 
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8- Best Tablet With A Massive RAM
  4. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021(Mystic Silver)- Best Tablet With Stunning Cameras
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P580NZKAXAR- Best Samsung Tablet With Long Lasting Battery Life
  6. Samsung Galaxy P610 Tab S6 Lite- Best Tablet With Hard Case And Screen Protector 
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021- Best Tablet With The Largest Screen 
  8. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2- Best Lightweight Tablet 

1# Best Tablet With PC Performance: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7(Mystic Silver)

Best Samsung Tablet S Pen

Key Features 

  • Easy to switch to PC. 
  • The fingerprint scanner is available.
  • Youtube Premium included.
  • It Supports up to 1TB MicroSD card.
  • High Resolution and eye-protective display. 

For the majority time, you will need to get PC performance from your tablet. In this case, SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 can be your first choice. And you just need to spend around 640$ to buy this tablet. Moreover, its stylus pen will allow you to design and draw anything perfectly. 

It is an accurate 2-in-1 device. You can switch it anytime to PC mode. At the same time, by using an external keyboard, you can enjoy many impressive features. 

A minimal-leg stylus pen is included with this fantastic gadget. You will be able to control your presentation, expand the edge-to-edge screen, and draw your desired sketch perfectly with this S pen. 

Moreover, its massive RAM, substantial internal storage, impressive display, and super-fast processor will charm you undoubtedly. 

2# Best Tablet With Sleek and Slim design: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi

Key Features 

  • 1920 x 1200 pixels eye-protective large display.
  • A stylus pen is magnetically attached.
  • Light in weight and stylish in design.
  • ‎2.3 GHz fastest processor. 

This tablet has a good reputation among its users with many stunning features. Most importantly, its sleek and slim design will attract you undoubtedly. 

You can get this tablet costing around 350$. However, you can use this Samsung tablet for various purposes. 

You will get many advantages while using this Samsung tablet for your daily activities. Its stylus pen will allow you to write your daily notes comfortably. 

It is capable of performing personalizing photos and videos. Interestingly, you don’t need to charge the pen.

The tablet also contains a long-lasting battery. And it will support you for 13 hours continually after being fully charged. At the same time, its crystal clear, vivid, and eye-protective display will charm you indubitably. 

4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage are also included with the tablet. Hence, you will be able to store a massive amount of files, programs, and documents on the tablet. 

3# Best Tablet With A Massive RAM: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Key Features 

  • ‎Qualcomm Snapdragon ‎ processor 
  • includes an ultra-wide camera 
  • Thin and metal design body. 
  • Powerful battery and faster charging system.
  • Quad speakers are included. 

The 8GB RAM of this tablet makes it different from its competitors. Hence, you will be able to perform any task in a super speedy mode.

Notably, you have to pay around 700$ to buy this Samsung Galaxy S8 tablet. And you will get a lot of benefits from this fantastic gadget undoubtedly. 

This tablet comes with some highly appreciated accessories. Hence, users feel comfortable using this gadget for their daily activities. 

At the same time, you can make your sketch or draw perfect with its impressive S pen. You can even convert your handwriting to text with this tablet and save it as a shareable file. So, imagine how much beneficial it will be for you!

Its fast-charging system, long-time battery support, faster processor, massive storage, etc., will impress you undoubtedly. 

4# Best Tablet With Stunning Cameras: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021(Mystic Silver)

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021(Mystic Silver)

Key Features

  • 13 MP and 5 MP dual back and 8 MP front cameras are included. 
  • It comes in a unique mystic navy color. 
  • Run with the Android 10 Operating System.
  • Includes redesigned S pen. 
  • Fully functional and impressive accessories. 

You need to capture your beautiful moment and keep pretty memories, right? Then, this tablet will be your first choice. Its incredible cameras will allow you to capture your daily moments flawlessly.

Interestingly, you just need to pay around 640$ to buy this tablet. And you will get a lot of stunning services and features by costing this amount. 

You can’t ignore this tablet’s impressive and large 11 inches display. In fact, you can enjoy cinematic viewing with its LCD and edge-to-edge display. Besides, its AGK quad speakers will give you immense pleasure. 

You can use the tablet for several hours after charging it each time. And it can be fully charged within a short period. 

Its fastest Qualcomm processor and 6GB RAM will let you accomplish your tasks quickly and faultlessly. 

5# Best Samsung Tablet With Long Lasting Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P580NZKAXAR

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P580NZKAXAR

Key Features

  • 3GB RAM is included. 
  • 10.1 inches stunning full HD display. 
  • A multi-windows system is available. 
  • The 16GB of internal storage is expandable up to 256GB. 

This tablet is highly renewed for its long-lasting battery life, among other alternatives. You can get continuous support of 14 hours if you use it for web browsing. And to buy this impressive tablet, you have to pay around 330$. But undoubtedly, you will get satisfactory service from this tablet. 

Your creativity will be improved by using the stylus pen of this tablet. Consequently, this tablet will turn into an impressive canvas for your ideas. 

With this majestic S pen, you can draw pictures, write documents, edit your sketch, photos, and videos, and do many more things. 

On the contrary, you can run multiple functions and programs simultaneously with this impressive tablet. Most importantly, its octa-core processor will allow you to do so proficiently. 

You will get a fantastic viewing experience from this tablet as well. So, it is high time to think about this product! 

6# Best Tablet With Hard Case And Screen Protector: Samsung Galaxy P610 Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy P610 Tab S6 Lite

Key Features

  • Comes with a slim and lightweight body. 
  • ‎2.3 GHz fastest and most powerful processor is included. 
  • 64GB of internal storage can be expanded up to 1TB. 
  • 2hours of charging time and 14hours of battery support. 
  • It Includes superb AKG sound. 

With many impressive features, this tablet is highly prominent for its durable hard case and splendid screen protector. Surprisingly, you just need to pay around 475$ to buy this tablet. And many impressive services will be attained from this wonderful gadget. 

A strong processor is a highly needed thing for an impressive tablet. And this tablet comes with such a powerful processor. The working rate of this octa-core processor is about 2.3GHz. 

At the same time, it comes with 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras. You will be able to capture your exciting moments with these cameras. And the S pen of the tablet will allow you to write, sketch, and annotate anything comfortably. 

You can’t ignore the LED-backlit display and multi-touch screen of this tablet. Moreover, you can use it for entertainment purposes. 

7# Best Tablet With The Largest Screen: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021

Key Features

  • Comes with free access to 160 movies, music, and news channels. 
  • Responsive and new design S pen is included. 
  • PC mode is available. 
  • 64GB of high storage memory. 
  • A long-lasting and powerful battery is equipped with the tablet. 

This tablet is prominent for its largest 12.4 inches display among all other alternatives. You will get a great viewing experience from the big screen.

In this case, you have to spend around 700$ to buy this tablet. Furthermore, its excellent S pen and fastest processor will allow you to get the best service. 

With a large and brilliant colored display, this tablet has great demand. You will get an impressive viewing experience from this tablet undoubtedly. 

Moreover, the superb S pen will allow you to comfortably draw your ideas on this big screen. 

You can make your workspace on this tablet. As PC mode is available, you can do your official work without facing any issues. 

Moreover, you will get free access to Youtube premium and access to enjoy 160+ channels with this tablet. Besides entertainment, you can use this gadget for the learning aspect! 

8# Best Lightweight Tablet: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2

Key Features

  • This tablet comes with a water-resistant touchscreen. 
  • Adaptable Samsung S pen. 
  • A fingerprint and facial recognition security system is available. 
  • It contains POGO pins. 
  • A rugged and durable case is included for better protection. 

If you want to use your tablet for fieldwork, it must be rugged with a durable case. Interestingly, this tablet comes with military-grade durability.

To get this durable tablet, you should pay around 505$. Note that, this water-resistant tablet will be beneficial for you in many aspects. 

While preparing your assignment or working in the field, you may need to unlock your tablet quickly. For this purpose, SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2 has facial recognition and fingerprint unlocking system. 

On the contrary, this tablet has POGO pins that allow you to connect your tablet easily with the keyboard, charger, etc. Most importantly, it is protected by Samsung Knox. And Samsung Knox will keep you safe from hackers. 

However, besides these unique features, this tablet has a compatible screen, an adaptable S pen, an 8MP camera, and a 1.6 GHz processor. And these features make this gadget extraordinary. 


We have mentioned some highly recommended and used tablets in this content. So, now you have a clear idea of the best Samsung tablet with an S Pen, right? 

We believe that you will get excellent services while using these tablets for your official activities, drawing, or entertainment. And we hope now you are competent enough to find your desired Samsung tablet. 

However, we recommend getting SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab Active2 for your upcoming project. Its adaptable S pen, compatible display, protected touchscreen, fastest processor, and high-security system will give you immense pleasure and the best service. 

Good luck!