Why Are Samsung Tablets So Slow

Walter Moore

Why Are Samsung Tablets So Slow

Nowadays people aren’t using Samsung tablets as much as they do use smartphones. The reason for this may be that Samsung tablets aren’t as fast enough as smartphones. 

Samsung tablets felt a bit laggy, slow down, heat up, and need to speed up after a significant amount of usage.

So here comes a question in your mind. why are Samsung tablets so slow? To answer your queries, here we are with this article.

Why Are Samsung Tablets So Slow

The most common answer to your queries is that Samsung tablets are not optimized enough. But that’s not the only reason. Not having dedicated hardware, an Insufficient number of software updates, a shortage of in-built RAM (Random Access Memory) & even malware attacks are also the reasons behind slowing down a tablet.

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Samsung tablets are less optimized

Compared to the iPad running on iOS, Samsung tablets are less optimized. That’s because Samsung tablets run on Google’s Android operating system. In android, four layers of processing are done to successfully run an application. 

Java emulation is one of them & this layer takes a lot of processes eventually taking much more time making android less optimized than iOS.

Don’t have dedicated hardware like Apple

Samsung tablets don’t have dedicated hardware like Apple’s. Chip manufacturing companies don’t make processors for specific Electronics devices.

That’s why unnecessary codes are present on those processors which are used in Samsung tablets. This is why Samsung tablets can not be optimized as much as iPads.

Insufficient number of software updates 

It is always needed to install the latest version of Android on tablets to feel the freshness & speedy movement of your tablet. But OS updates for tablets generally take a lot more time to come than for smartphones. That’s why the newest applications installed on the device make Samsung tablets slow & laggier.

Shortage of In-built RAM

There is a difference between Total RAM & in-built RAM in a tablet. Your device may have high gigabytes of RAM but if you don’t have enough available RAM for running applications, then you will face lagging.

Available RAM indicates re-usable RAM to run applications and how fast your tablet will work depends on it. All Android tablets as well as Samsung tablets are to face lagging for the shortage of available RAM.

Malware Attack 

There is some malicious software that attacks an electronic device and does harm by crashing down the hard disk & malfunctioning system apps eventually making the device slow down. Samsung tablets are not immune to malware and this is one of the reasons for slowing down Samsung tablets.


These are the main reasons why Samsung tablets show lagging. Now you know why are Samsung tablets so slow. You know there may be other complex technical issues that are causing Samsung tablets this problem.

However, you can speed up your tablet. Some simple works such as uninstall/disabling the unused app, deleting the unnecessary cache memory, freeing up internal storage & RAM, and updating to the latest version of Android will speed up your tablet.

This will be here for today. We hope this article gives you what you are looking for.

See you in other queries.

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