Who Makes Duoduogo Tablet

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Who Makes Duoduogo Tablet

Duoduogo is an android tablet brand known for its affordable tablet lineup. Looking for a budget android tablet? This might be a good option for you to consider.

Duoduogo is a sub-brand of Gowin technology. Gowin Technology was established in Hongkong, China in March 2015. They make smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, and wireless gadgets. They have three independent sub-brand: “V·MOBILE”, “DUODUOGO”, “TEENO”;

First, they created the V.MOBILE brand to release smartphones in the Southeast Asia market. After the success of the smartphone market, the company expanded its market and created the Duoduogo band in 2016 to capture the tablet market.

The Products Made By Duoduogo



This is a 2-in-1 tablet pc and one of the best-selling products of Duoduogo. This tablet comes with a wireless keyboard case. So, when attached, this tablet can be used as a pc. The tablet configuration is quite good for the current generation of tablets.

It has 10 inches 1280×800 screen, 13MP dual camera, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 4 GB RAM, and 128 GB ROM and for connectivity, it has Bluetooth and WIFI. it has a massive 8000mah battery which should give 8 to 10 hours screen on time.

Software-wise, this is also a compelling product because this tablet comes with android 9. Duoduogo tablet gives a pure android experience therefore you do not need to worry about google services.



This is a 10-inch Android tablet. It has 3 GB RAM, 32GB ROM, a quad-core processor, and an 8500mah battery. This tablet has an 8MP dual camera for capturing photos and video conferencing.

The tablet comes with android 8.1. So android experience would be much more like the updated android versions. For connectivity, it has dual sim and wifi connectivity. This is one of the most affordable tablets by DUODUOGO. With the specification and the price point, this is a good budget tablet for kids and for content watching.



This is another 2 in 1 tablet pc by DUODUOGO. This is one of the top 3 products of DUODUOGO. This model has a lot of similarities with the P8 model. Specification wise the tablet has a 10-inch 1280×800 screen, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, 1.6GHz quad-core processor, and dual-band WIFI support. Like other models, this tablet also has the capability of expanding the storage up to 128GB. It has a 6000mah battery that can last up to 7 hours of screen on time.

The main distinctive feature of this tablet from P8 is that this tablet runs on the Android 11 operating system. So, this tablet is comparatively updated to the latest android version. If you are looking for an android tablet that has the latest Android features, this tablet can be a good option for your requirements.

How does DUODUOGO brand Warranty work? 

Generally, Duoduogo tablets and smartphones have 30 days replacement guarantee for any issue with the product and a 1-year warranty for parts. These warranties are applicable for verified shops and amazon stores.

5 Reasons To Buy A Duoduogo Tablet

Affordable pricing

Tablets made by Duoduogo are very budget-friendly devices. They range from 100 to 200 dollars. So, they are very affordable compared to other tablet brands.

Good hardware combination

Compared to other tablet manufacturers Duoduogo offers much more good hardware combinations. They offer higher capacity RAM, ROM, and a good camera. So, in the case of hardware capacity, Duoduogo has a strong place.

Updated operating system

Duoduogo tablets have a pure Android operating system. Also, they offer the latest operating system. So for up-to-date features, Duoduogo is a good option.

Stylish design

Duoduogo has one of the most stylish designs in the budget tablet market. They provide slim and minimum embezzled tablets.

Expandable storage

Although the latest models of Duoduogo come with 64 GB storage, they all come with an expandable storage facility. So you can expand the storage upto 128 GB.

Drawbacks of Duoduogo tablets

New brand

Duoduogo is a new company under the Chinese company Gowin technology. Therefore the brand value is not as much as a well-established company. Also, a well-established company has a good reputation to rely on compared to that Duoduogo is a fairly new company.

No premium products

Duoduogo only makes budget-friendly tablets they do not make any premium products. A company that makes premium products has great product quality. A company that makes only cheap products, there are some concerns about its product quality.

Lack of service stores

Since Duoduogo is a new company, it does not have many stores around the world. Also, this is a Chinese company therefore it does not have many service points outside china.


Does Duoduogo make an android tablet?

Yes, Duoduogo makes pure android tablets. So, there is no problem in using all the Google services.

Where does the Duoduogo tablet come from?

Duoduogo is a Chinese company. All the products of Duoduogo are manufactured in China and then exported around the world.

Is Duoduogo a good tablet company?

Most of the tablets made by Duoduogo are rated from 4 stars to 4.5 stars on Amazon and Aliexpress. So, in this price range, they are a fairly good tablet manufacturer. 


Reviewing all the aspects of the company Duoduogo, I think we can agree that Duoduogo is a good tablet manufacturing brand. Especially they give the latest operating system for the latest models which is not very common for budget tablet manufacturing companies.

Duoduogo makes 2 in 1 tablets pc which is a bonus at the price of tablets. They include a wireless keyboard, mouse, and pen in the box. So, you can complete some pc related tasks on those tablets very easily. Overall, Duoduogo is a budget tablet manufacturer with some unique useful features!

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