Who Makes Lenovo Tablets

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Who Makes Lenovo Tablets

In the industry of tablets, Lenovo is a very popular and reliable brand name. Lenovo is a brand where you will find tablets of any price range.

So, if you are searching for a tablet of any kind this might be the place for you to know everything about Lenovo and decide whether this brand’s tablets are good for you or not.

Lenovo As A Company

Lenovo Group Limited, generally known as Lenovo is a Chinese company.  This is one of the leading companies in terms of manufacturing consumer electronics.

Lenovo is a multinational technology company that is known for manufacturing, designing, and marketing personal computers, consumer electronics, software, and so on. They make tablets, computers, laptops, smartwatches, smartphones, servers, electronic storage, and even supercomputers.

Therefore Lenovo is a very big name in the tech industry and known worldwide for its variation of products.

Who Manufactures Lenovo Tablets?

Lenovo has operations in over sixty countries and sells its products and services in around 180 countries. As Lenovo is a Chinese company, most of its products are manufactured in China. Then they are assembled and sold in different regions of the world.

Lenovo’s Tablet Lineup

Lenovo started its tablet and laptop lineup by acquiring the laptop and tablet division from IBM in 2005. Although they were not really focused on tablet making at that time, they started investing in 2009 and after that, they never looked back.

 According to a report by IDC, Lenovo ranked 4th in the global tablet market in 2012. Since then, Lenovo has expanded its tablet lineup production and selling worldwide.

Top Tablets By Lenovo

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro 5g

Lenovo Tab P12 Pro 5g

This tablet is one of the latest tablets by Lenovo. The official price of this tablet is around 610 USD. Hence, in comparison with the best android tablets out there, this is one of the best tablets in this price range. 

This is a 5g capable tablet, so it is compatible with the latest generation connectivity. It has a massive 12.6-inch AMOLED 1600×2000 pixels display. It comes with 6GB/8GB RAM options and 128GB/256GB ROM options.

The tablet has a dedicated microSDXC card slot which means you can use a high-speed micro SD card to expand your storage capacity. It has a decent camera system, a 13MP back camera, and an 8MP front camera for general use cases.

This tablet has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 which is a flagship-level processor. So, gaming on this tablet will be one of the best. This tablet has a 10000 mah battery with 45W fast charging. Therefore, for the best performance, this is a complete package indeed!

Lenovo Yoga Tab 11

Lenovo Yoga Tab 11

This is another top-notch tablet by Lenovo which was released in 2021. Its price is around 410 USD. This is not a top-level tablet in the tablet market. This is a midrange tablet competitor.

It is a 4g capable tablet. With a massive 11-inch 1200×2000 IPS LCD display, it comes with 4GB/8GB RAM options and 128GB/256GB ROM options. It has a dedicated microSDXC card slot which means you can use a high-speed micro SD card to expand your storage capacity.

This tablet has an 8MP front and back camera. It has a Mediatek Helio G90T processor. This device has a 7500mah battery with 20W fast charging. Its big display makes it a great tablet for content watching and web browsing.

And Helio G90T is a midrange processor, so gaming on this device is also possible.

Lenovo Tab K10

Lenovo Tab K10

This is also one of the latest model tablets by Lenovo. It was also released in 2021. This is a lower-end table. Lenovo Tab K10 is priced at 233 USD.

This is a 4G tablet. It has a big 10.3inch 1200×1920 pixels IPS LCD display. However, this tablet comes with 3GB/4GB RAM options and 65GB/128GB ROM options.

It has a dedicated microSDXC card slot which means you can use a high-speed micro SD card to expand your storage capacity. It has an 8MP back camera and 5 MP front camera system.

This tablet has an octa-core Helio P22T processor. Compared to other products by Lenovo, this is a low-budget device and has decent features for the price. 

The big display makes it a great media consumption device.

How Does Lenovo Brand Warranty Work?

All brand new Lenovo products come with a standard warranty. Base warranties go from 1 year to 3 years. They might be different depending on the product’s model.

The warranty Period for all Lenovo accessories like headphones, batteries, digitizer pens, and stylus is limited to 12 months. This means that Lenovo will provide service without charge for batteries, digitizer pens, and stylus during the warranty period.

5 Reasons To Buy A Lenovo Tablet

Premium product

Lenovo produces one of the most premium tablets in the tablet industry. If you buy a tablet from Lenovo, it will be a better quality product than most tablet manufacturers.

Pure android experience

Lenovo makes pure android tablets with minor changes. So, you will get a very reliable and friendly interface.

Latest Features

Lenovo is known for its software support. All the models mentioned earlier have Android version 11 which is the latest operating system at that time.

Better Hardware

This brand makes great value for money products. They provide great display, processor, and hardware configuration for the price.

Brand value

There are a lot of tablet manufacturers in the tablet industry. But most of them are new companies. In comparison, Lenovo is a very well-known company.


High Price

Although Lenovo makes tablets of all price ranges, their products generally have a slightly higher price than some new tablet companies.

Hardware Selection

Old devices made by Lenovo were not updated to the latest operating systems and didn’t have great combinations. So, buying an older device is not recommended.


Is Lenovo a Chinese company? 

Yes, Lenovo is a Chinese company. Lenovo was founded in Beijing on November 1st, 1984.

Are Lenovo and HP the same company?

No, they are not the same company. HP is an American company and Lenovo is a Chinese company and a much younger company than HP.


Lenovo tablets are one of the best tablets available on the market right now. This is a very well know company so you can rely on its products.

Although the products of Lenovo are priced a bit higher than some other brands, it is a reliable and safe option.

They make tablets ranging from USD 200 to USD 800. So there are a lot of variations of products in different price sections. Find what suits your need the best.

Good luck!

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