Who Makes Evoo Tablets

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Who Makes Evoo Tablets

Like most people, you may have gone to different online stores while searching for cheap products. If you were looking for a tablet by chance, you might have noticed Evoo tablets. 

Evoo tablets are not very well known in the tablet market. However, they offer some solid products at quite a compelling price. So, you might be curious about them.

Why don’t we supply you with information related to them? That’ll save you an insane amount of time, don’t you think so?

Who Makes Evoo Tablets? Here Is The Short Answer

A Chinese national brand called Shenzhen Bmorn Technology exports numerous tablets under the name Evoo. Actually, they produce these tablets for Walmart as an OEM/ODM company. So, basically, Walmart owns Evoo tablets. However, these are manufactured elsewhere under another company.

Where Are These Tablets Made And Manufactured

The products are manufactured in the factories under Shenzhen Bmorn Technology, in Shenzhen, China. After their production, these tablets are exported to Walmart. Then, Walmart sells these products worldwide.

The Products Of The Brand Are Made By This Manufacturer:

You can find many laptops and convertible tablets with keyboard docks manufactured by Evoo. Most of them come at a very good price. But, describing the vast lineup of Evoo products is quite impossible. So, to give you a general idea, we will discuss two of the products below:

i) Evoo 11.6″ Convertible Touchscreen: 

Evoo 11.6" Convertible Touchscreen: 

The 11.6-inch convertible tablet from Evoo features a high-fidelity touchscreen IPS panel calibrated by THX and offers a 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution.

This Evoo tablet was launched in the year 2019. However, Evoo’s touchscreen convertible tablet is designed for consistent performance. 4GB RAM and 32GB of storage are also included.

This model is one of the very few tablets with Windows 10 Home. Additionally, a small HDMI and built-in webcam are included. You may use the tablet to access the most recent technology for all of your personal and professional needs. Moreover, it comes with 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage and a year of Office 365 Home.

ii) Evoo 15.6 inch Android Tablet:

 Evoo 15.6 inch Android Tablet:

This tablet is one of the very few 15.6″ tablets on the market. The Evoo 15.6 inch android tablet has excellent graphics. Three USB ports, a micro HDMI port, and an SD card slot are all included.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity For those who want to connect a mouse or keyboard wirelessly. For charging the device, either the micro USB port or the built-in AC power port can be used.

In relation to the size of the tablet, it holds a charge fairly well. After a full charge, you can use the device regularly for about 6 hours. When mounted, this tablet becomes quite useful.

You essentially have a TV station and a tablet. It utilizes Android 9. Additionally, this tablet has 32 GB of ROM and 2 GB of RAM. The display is HD as well.

It is a great deal at its price. Well, there are almost no 15.6-inch tablets below 200 dollars other than this one.

How Does This Brand Warranty Work? 

Evoo gives a limited 12 months brand warranty for their products. You can avail the warranty from Walmart with the proof of purchase. Evoo will replace it or repair it, depending on the problem. 

However, the warranty is subjected to various terms and conditions. Violating any one of them will effectively nullify the warranty. You must read the terms and conditions beforehand so that you don’t make the warranty void. 

Are These Tablets Any Good? 5 Reasons To Buy One

It depends on a user’s subjective view of whether a tablet is good or not. However, we think that there are some strong points which you have to consider if you are planning on buying this tablet. We will note these points below:

Price: Evoo tablets do not have a strong standing in the market. So, to compete with the established brands, Evoo offers mouthwatering prices for their tablets.

Specifications: Evoo tablets have a good specification chart at their price. They do not offer a top-end specs sheet at their price. but they do offer very good hardware at a low price.

Design: These tablets have an overall nice design. Although liking a design varies from person to person, these tablets are designed to satisfy most customers. 

Balance: The outer body of these tablets is mostly made of plastic. However, they are cleverly designed. As a result, the tablets are very well-balanced. The weight distribution is also something praiseworthy. The weight is evenly distributed, which balances the tablet a lot.

Docking System: The Evoo tablets come with docking system support. This means that you can convert your tablet into a laptop by connecting a keyboard.

This is a great addition for people doing their work. There are also some models which you can mount on their stand. This is quite a handy feature of Evoo tablets.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Like every other product in the market, there are some disappointing aspects to these tablets.

Firstly,  Evoo is not a well-known brand in the market. So, it is not as reliable as its well-known counterparts.

Again, Walmart is not particularly well known for its customer support. So, that is something you need to keep in mind.

Also, there are doubts about the longevity of these products. As the products come at a cheap price, there are some issues regarding the build quality of these tablets.

How long a tablet will last depends on its build quality. Hence, a tablet will not last very long if its materials are subpar.

In the case of the Evoo tablets, they offer high-quality software and hardware for a cheap price. So, they have to cut corners on the materials. That’s a big downside of these tablets.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available For This Tablet

There are some good alternatives to Evoo tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A series are some good tablets at a similar price point. But, if you have an extra couple hundred bucks to spare, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series or Apple’s iPad base versions are simply the best in their class.

But, in case you are really tight on budget, you might want to check out Amazon fire tabs or Lenovo tablets.


Evoo tablets are quite good for their price. If you need a tablet on a tight budget, these tablets can be extremely good options. We have tried to cover everything there is regarding these tablets.

However, the latest Evoo tablet was announced in 2019. So, these tablets are a bit outdated. There’s nothing for us to do but wait for Evoo to announce some new tablets. 

We hope that this article was able to satisfy your curiosity regarding Evoo. We wish you all the best.

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