Who Makes A Galaxy Tablet?

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Who Makes A Galaxy Tablet

When the popularity of tablets started to grow up for the first time, many manufacturers started making tablets. But as time passes, most of them are out of the market today.

Galaxy tablets are exceptional in that case. People still do use galaxy tablets & becomes one of the most successful tablet series ever launched. The reason behind this is its latest & premium features, fantastic build quality, and faster-smoother devices. 

Today Galaxy tablets are the best android tablets out there in the market. The popularity is still increasing day by day. Hence it is dominating the market. There might be a chance that you also heard about the Galaxy tablets before.

So if you are interested to know more about galaxy tablets, then this article is for you!

Here you will know all the related facts about galaxy tablets. So continue reading.

Here Is The Short Answer: Who Makes Galaxy Tablets

Galaxy is a mobile & tablet series launched by Samsung. Samsung manufactures all the devices of this series. 

Samsung is a multinational & multi-industry manufacturing company based in South Korea. The headquarters of the Samsung group is located in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. The first-ever galaxy tablet, Galaxy tab 7.0, is made by Samsung and was launched in 2010.

Where Are Galaxy Tablets Made & Manufactured

A recent business study revealed that Samsung sold nearly 300 million units last year. So you understand that it requires a lot of manufacturing ability to sell over a quarter billion units in just a year.

That’s why Samsung has many manufacturing plants across different countries, like China, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia & some other countries. They have also a manufacturing plant in South Korea, in their homeland, but only 10% of global shipments are done from there.

Most of the galaxy tablets are manufactured in Vietnam. Samsung has two manufacturing facilities in Vietnam.

These two plants can generate around 120million units of phones, tablets & wearables per year. Most of the galaxy tablets that are to be shipped in Europe & America are made in Vietnam.

The Tech Products Made By Samsung 

As Samsung is a multi-industry manufacturing company, it has a vast criterion of products. In fact, Samsung is a major manufacturer of consumer electronics like air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones, tablets, etc. 

Samsung also is in the semiconductor business. It makes memory chips & processors for some tech-giant companies like Apple, HTC, Sony & Nokia.

Here is the short list of products made by Samsung.

  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Speakers
  • Cameras
  • Refrigerator
  • Military Vehicle
  • LCD and OLED panels
  • Mobile phones
  • Semiconductors
  • Solid-state drives
  • Hard-drives

The Top Products Of the Galaxy Series

Galaxy is a mobile & tablet series of Samsung. At present days, Samsung has launched many tablets under this series.

Samsung has also launched tablets other than the Galaxy series. But out of them, the two Galaxy tablet series are the most successful. They are Galaxy Tab S and Galaxy Tab A. Here is more about them. 

Galaxy Tab S

Galaxy Tab S

The best Galaxy tablets are found in the Tab S series. Samsung generally launches its flagship tablets under the S series. The sleek & sharp display with a high screen-to-body ratio gives these tablets a premium look.

The superfast processor of these tablets is unmatched by any other Android tablet. Battery backup is also good in these tablets. Almost all S series tablets can give you a full-day battery backup. 

Galaxy Tab A

Galaxy Tab A

Galaxy Tab A is a mid-range and budget tablet series of Samsung. But these budget tablets can beat some flagship tablets of other companies. With a powerful processor & high-quality display, these tablets offer you a good user experience.

The more compact & lighter design makes it easy to hold these tablets for hours. So you get the ultimate portability with performance in the Galaxy Tab A Series.

How Does The Brand Warranty Work

Samsung is offering a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of its products. But for the Galaxy tablets, Samsung is offering a 2 years manufacturing warranty.

The warranty policy & period for the tablets differ from other Samsung products due to the tablet’s design & expected usage. During that period, all galaxy tablets & accessories carry a full warranty.

Are Galaxy Tablets Any Good? 5 Reasons To Buy One

Compared to smartphones, Tablet is a kind of device that has a larger display & more portable but smaller & less powerful than a laptop. The main purpose of the tablet is to give ultimate portability to work from anywhere.

Galaxy tablets have done this work very well. The high-end galaxy tablets are equipped with powerful hardware & designed so well that they can even replace a laptop. 

Here are 5 reasons to buy Galaxy tablets

Best Specs Android Tablet

Galaxy tablets use Android as their OS. With time, Samsung has launched many Galaxy tablets. And all of these tablets have used the latest version of Android available at that time.

Besides that, these tablets use one of the best chipsets made by Snapdragon or Mediatek. This makes galaxy tablets run all applications without experiencing a single lag. So you will get the most advanced technological user experience in Galaxy tablets.


The latest Galaxy tablets are the best for increasing your productivity. The latest Galaxy tablets have multi-window display mode. In this mode, you can open up to three applications at a time. So you don’t have to waste any time closing & re-opening an app to use another.

Desktop experience 

While using a tablet countless times, you might miss your computer. In that case, you don’t have to go back to your computer as the latest galaxy tablets can do that also.

Samsung Dex allows you to use your tablets as a computer where you get the access to open multiple windows, drag & drop functionality like a computer, and so on.

Better Performance

The latest galaxy tablets are trying to replace laptops. Samsung galaxy tab series S & S+ are specifically designed to do that. These tablets use Snapdragon 865 5g as a processor and have 6/8GB RAM with 128GB/256GB ROM. These specs are powerful enough to do all office work on your tablet.

Powerful Battery

The Galaxy S & S+ tablet series is the world’s first 5G android tablet. 5G technology consumes more battery than previous networking systems(4g or 3g). But even with 5G technology, galaxy tablets have all-day capacity.

Both galaxy tab S & S+ can stay up to 15H. So while working hard in the office, you don’t have to worry about charging your tablet.

Are there any drawbacks?

The Samsung galaxy tab series is one of the most successful tablet series of all tablets. These tablets are good but have some drawbacks also. 

Some customers said the battery life of the latest galaxy tabs has disappointed them. Others said Snapdragon Gen 1 865 5g could be even faster.

But these are all personalized opinions. So these drawbacks are not that much of a concern.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available For The Galaxy Tablet

Currently, Galaxy tablets are one of the best in the Android tablet category. But if you look for it, you can also find an alternative to the Galaxy tablets. One such example is the Galaxy tablet itself. Both Galaxy tab S series and Galaxy Tab A series are kind of competitors to each other. 

Lenovo is also making high-performing tablets and can be a good alternative to Galaxy tablets. Their Lenovo Yoga tab 13 is considered as the top 3 Android tablets in 2022. Other than Android tablets, you can choose Apple tablets. These iOS-based Apple tablets are always the best alternative to any other Android tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Vs Lenovo Tab P12 Pro-

Galaxy Tab s8 is newly released compared to Lenovo tab 12 pros. But The Lenovo tab p12 pro is still a good alternative to the galaxy tab s8.

The specs of both tablets are almost similar but Lenovo tab p12 pro is superior when it comes to display & battery. Lenovo used a super AMOLED 12.6 inches display for their tab P12 which is better than Samsun’s TFT LCD.

And about the battery, the 10200mAh battery of Lenovo tab p12 gives you a slightly longer battery backup than the 8000mAh battery of Galaxy tab s8.

The price of the galaxy tab s8 is slightly higher than the P12 Pro. Starting from 699$, it can go up to 800$ if you want to have the highest spec tab S8.

Other variants of the s8, S8 Plus & s8 ultra also cost more money than s8. In that case, the Lenovo P12 Pro only costs you around 660$. So this is a cheap alternative to the galaxy s8.


You know now about Galaxy tablets and their manufacturer, Samsung.

Samsung has been making phones & tablets for years and now they have mastered the technology. Thus their devices are always better optimized in all categories than any other brands.

Recently Samsung announced their new tablet series, Samsung Galaxy S8. Due to the high demand for this tab series, Samsung had to pause taking pre-orders.

So you understand the popularity & reliability of the Galaxy tablets.

Thus if you ever have confusion about buying a galaxy tablet, throw that away and get ready to buy the new one.

And this is here for today. We hope to see you again in another query.

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