Who Makes The Nook Tablet?

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Who Makes The Nook Tablet?

Every tablet comes up with at least a single unique concept. This concept makes them different from other tablets. The same goes for the Nook tablet.

In the Nook tablet, you can lend or borrow an ebook to another person, like real-world book sharing. This is one cool feature that differentiates nook tablets from other e-reader tablets.

The Nook tablet is for reading e-books or playing multimedia. So, if you want to read your favorite book on a tablet or stream multimedia then the Nook tablet is the one you should choose. This tablet is made to compete with both e-reader tablets & tablet computers.

There are many more interesting features & options in the Nook tablets. So if you want to know more about these tablets, continue reading this article.

Here Is The Short Answer: Who Makes Nook Tablet

The Nook Tablet is made by Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble is an American Private bookselling company. Its previous name was Arthur Hinds & Company. This company was founded in 1886, over 135 years ago from the present day. As of 2022, it has the largest number of retail stores in the USA.

Nook is the subsidiary brand of this company. Nook tablets are manufactured by Barnes and Noble under the Nook brand.

Where Are Nook Tablets Made & Manufactured?

Barnes & Noble announced their first-ever nook tablet on October 20, 2009. The device came out in the market later the following month. Since then, Barnes & Noble released many tablets such as Nook Simple Touch, Nook Glowlight, Nook color, and so on.

At first, Nook tablets were fully manufactured by Barnes & Noble in their manufacturing base. But in 2013, Nook decided to manufacture some of their nook tables by a third-party manufacturer. As a result, Barnes & Noble went in partnership with Samsung for production.

And before 2018, most nook tablets were manufactured by Samsung. However, the Nook Glowlight 3 was manufactured by Netronix, a company that makes Kobo e-reader tablets.

Besides that, Barnes & Noble went into partnership with other companies for software Updates & validation for their tablets. They hired an Indian software firm for this purpose. 

The Products Of The Brand Made By Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is mainly a bookselling company. It has several subsidiary brands. Through these brands, they offer books, ebooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, DVDs & tablets.

An interesting product of Barnes and Noble is their Nook tablet. Under the Nook brand, they manufacture & sell their Nook tablets.

As of the present day, Nook has released many tablets. But most of them are discontinued. Only three tablets are available. They are

Nook GlowLight 4

This tablet has a 6-inch 300dpi E ink display which is the highest resolution display ever given by Barnes & Noble. The 32 GB of ROM in this tablet lets you carry a library with you. So you can read or travel with countless books whenever you want.

Nook GlowLight 4e

This tablet is lighter than its other variant, Nook Glowlight 4. Hence, it is more portable. Another key feature of this tablet is an adjustable front light which makes reading very easy.

Nook 10” HD

This is the latest & most advanced tablet made by Nook. This tablet is designed with Lenovo. It has a 10.1″ IPS HD display with 2GB RAM & 32GB ROM.

The battery can give backup up to 11H. This tablet is mainly an e-reader but you can use it for entertainment purposes also.

You can order these tablets from their website. Or you can buy from Amazon, eBay, or any other online shop.

How Does This Brand Warranty Work?

Every nook tablet comes with a limited one-year warranty for accidental damage. But there is an option to double your warranty if you add Nook Protect™ with your order.

Are Nook Tablets Any Good? Reasons To Buy One

If you are a bookish person, then the Nook tablet is for you. Aside from this, you can also use a Nook tablet for daily life usage. Here are some reasons to buy one of these.

Reading books

Each year thousands of books are published all around the world. And these books come in limited numbers. So there might be a case that due to stock out, you can’t buy your desired book.

But this problem is solved if you have a Nook tablet! In their online library, you will find thousands of books & the good thing is, you don’t have to worry about stock-out.


It is hard to carry books with you when you are traveling. Books often weigh a lot and take space in your luggage. But if you carry a Nook tablet, then you don’t have to take all this pain. It is slim, light & portable. This makes the Nook Tablet a perfect travel companion.

Tablet Feature & Price

The Nook tablet is powered by Android. That means you have access to all Google apps. You can use these tablets to browse the internet, watch movies, listen to music, or stream.

These tablets help you to maintain your daily life. And all these features come in at a very low cost, starting from $49.99.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

One of the drawbacks of the Nook tablets is that they don’t release updated tablets regularly. Their software is somewhat the same as their older versions. This might be boring for a person to have the same user experience for years.

Are There Any Good Alternatives For Nook Tablets

There are many e-reader tablets available on the market. But Amazon Tablets are the main competitors of Nook tablets. Amazon kindle paperwhite 11th Gen & Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus can be good alternatives for the Nook tablet. Here are the comparisons with Nook 10” HD 

Nook 10″ HD vs Amazon kindle paperwhite 11th Gen

In Nook 10″ HD, you will get Android 10 OS but Amazon Kindle paperwhite is based on Linux OS. For Android lovers, Nook 10″ HD is the winner here.

But if you want to use a tablet just for reading, then you should choose Amazon kindle. This tablet is lighter (205grams compared to Nook’s 419.5grams), slimmer & easy to hold in hand for years. In addition, this tablet is made for e-readers whereas Nook 10″ HD is for multi-purpose usage. 

Nook 10″ HD vs Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus

Amazon Fire HD 10 is a perfect competitor to Nook 10″ HD. Both tablets are for daily life usage other than just reading books. Amazon Fire HD 10 plus has higher specs over Nook 10″ HD in almost all categories like design, display & storage. 

The price is also higher than Nook’s tablet. But this does not affect much. Because with a few more bucks, you are getting one of the most popular entry-level tablets in your hand.

CategoryNook 10” HD Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 11th GenAmazon Fire HD 10 Plus
Operating SystemAndroid 10Linux
Dimension262 x 158 x 9.60 mm124.6 x 174.2 x 8.1 mm247 x 166 x 9.2 mm
Weight419.5 grams205 grams468g
Display10.1″ IPS Display 1280 x 800 Pixels6.8” 10.1 inches, IPS LCD1920 x 1200 pixels
Storage2GB Ram & 32GB Rom8GB Internal Storage4GB RAM & 32/64GB ROM
ConnectivityBluetooth, WifiBluetooth, WifiBluetooth, Wifi

Are Nook Tablets Still In Business? 

Barnes and Noble discontinued some of their Nook tablets in the past few years. Such as the Nook 7 tablet, which was discontinued in 2017. But the Nook tablet series isn’t dead yet.

They released the new Nook 10 tablet in 2021 which is still in production. And in May 2022 they announced their new tablet, the NOOK® GlowLight 4e.


The Nook tablet is targeting e-readers from the beginning. They are trying to make the Nook tablet series to be the best e-reader tablet.

For this, they are continuously upgrading their devices and going in partnership with other tech giants to give their customers the best tablet experience.

Their newly released tablets use Android as their operating system. That means, to read books, you don’t have to use Barnes and Noble’s online library only. You can also use google apps or can buy kindle apps for reading books. So there is much more freedom than in the previous version of nook tablets.

In addition, the cost is low compared to other tablets available on the market. So if you want a budget tablet, Nook Tablets are here to serve you.

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