Why Won’t My Asus Tablet Turn On

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Why Won’t My Asus Tablet Turn On

Asus is a well-known brand for providing outstanding quality computers, laptops, and tablets. Among all the technology devices, the Asus tablet has recently grabbed the most attention of users due to its emerging technology.

However, one of the problems that some Asus tablet users face is not being able to turn on their tablets. If you are facing the same problem, then you should know “why won’t my Asus tablet turn on?”

One of the reasons why your Asus tablet won’t turn on is that it isn’t charging properly. Also, if the power button doesn’t work, the tablet won’t turn on.

There are probably some other reasons why your Asus tablet won’t turn on. Let’s find out those reasons and try to solve them.

The Reason Behind Your Asus Tablet Is Not Turning On

Asus tablets are usually turned on by pressing the power button. Before turning it on, it needs to be fully charged.

You have already charged your Asus tablet for several hours and tried to turn it on by tapping the power button but it is not working. So, why is your Asus tablet not turning on?  We have figured out some problems and solutions that may help to fix your problem.

The power button is not correctly pressed

If your Asus tablet is new, then it must be verified before it comes to the market. It only needs a charge to turn on. So if you charge it fully and try to open it, then you have to press the power button properly.

To turn on your Asus tablet, you need to press and hold your power button for a while. It won’t turn on just by tapping the tablet’s power button. So make sure you press the button correctly. 

If it still doesn’t turn on, try the following steps.

  • Press and hold the tablet’s “Volume Down” button and then press and the hold tablet’s “Power” button.
  • Make sure that both are pressed simultaneously.
  • Continue holding both buttons like this for a while.
  • Let go of the buttons when your tablet turns on.

If pressing the buttons does not work, then your Asus tablet may have some other problem.

The Tablet Is Not Charging

The first thing users do before turning on their tablet is to charge it. If your tablet is not charged, it will not open. So first, you need to check whether your tablet is charging properly.

If you don’t see the charging sign on the screen, it must be a charging problem. 

Check your power connection and charger properly and troubleshoot the charging cable to fix the problem.

The battery is dead

If you have already been using your Asus tablet and suddenly it does not turn on, then the problem may be with the battery.

When you are sure that all the battery tools are fine but not charging, then the battery may be dead. Most batteries wear out after a year or two. So if you have already used your tablet for more than a year, try replacing the battery.

The screen may be damaged

Your tablet may be running but you won’t notice if your screen is damaged. So make sure your screen doesn’t get scratched or damaged.

One way to see whether your screen has any problem is to call from another phone and see whether your tablet rings. If the tablet rings, then it is definitely a screen problem. 

Your Asus tablet may be damaged

Your tablet may be harmed or damaged. As a result, it is not turning on. If that is not the case, then your tablet’s processor might be dead. In that case, you should approach Asus customer care or a tablet mechanic who fixes tablets.


We have discussed many problems and solutions of those regarding the issue “why won’t my Asus tablet turn on“.

If the solutions mentioned above don’t help, we suggest you contact Asus Customer Care. They will repair your tablet or replace it with a new one until your Asus tablet warranty expires.

Thank you.