Are Dragon Touch Tablets Good?

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Are Dragon Touch Tablets Good

Dragon Touch is the name of the best affordable tablet within your budget. If you are a budget-friendly tablet user, Dragon Touch may be the best choice. 

The manufacturer of the tablets is TabletExpress which is a US-based company.  The company was founded to provide high-quality tablets at a minimal price.

They are successfully furnishing their tablets with the names of three sub-brands Dragon Touch®, Alkai®, and Tabsuit®. All of the brands are very popular in various countries of the world.

Today we will look at why are Dragon Touch tablets good for your daily uses? Let’s see why we should consider the tablet to be good.

Are Dragon Touch Tablets Good? If So, Then Why Should It Be Considered A Good Tablet?

There are a lot of justifications for Dragon Touch tablets to consider it a suitable device. We have accumulated all of the software and hardware condition here for your understanding.

Hardware Condition:

The Dragon Touch tablet’s body and frame are made of high-quality plastics. The screen is, of course, made of crystal glasses. All other parts of the tablets are made of smooth plastics.

The corners are rounded and curved on every edge. The port, buttons, micro SD card slot, and USB-C ports have a convincing response with no waggle.  

These Dragon Touch tablets also have a micro HDMI port that is incomparable at this price. The device will last longer with a screen protector and case.

Display Type And Performance:

The Dragon Touch tablet’s display is, of course, Full HD+. This Full HD+ display will give you a good taste to enjoy the high-resolution photos and videos. The response of the screen is also very high and smooth.

You will also enjoy playing games with the tablet. The refresh rate of the tablet is also adequate with a 60HZ under running conditions.

Therefore, the Dragon Touch tablet display will give you a high indoor experience. The tablet is very comfortable to hold outside due to the thin and smart frame.

Screen Types And Responses: 

Though the dragon touch tablets of the earliest generation were made with the single-core capacitive LED screen, the present tablet screen is designed with an octa-core capacitive IPS screen.

In a word, it will provide you with a highly responsive and precise display. You need not be concerned about the tablet’s display performance.

Audio Quality:

The audio quality of the tablet is extraordinary. Its audio quality will stand up against any highly expensive tablet audio quality. You can enjoy any kind of music and audio with or without headphones with high and euphonic sound. 

Hence, you shouldn’t be doubtful, about the sounds of the speaker of the dragon touch tablet. 

Processor Performance:

The overall phone’s performance depends on its processor. The Dragon Touch tablets are built with a 64-bit octa-core processor that is highly capable of handling your daily activities.

Video calls, web browsing, and emailing can be done competently. You can play games like Call of Duty without experiencing any hanging.

Battery life: 

The battery life and performance of a Dragon Touch tablet are not bad at all. You can easily use it for 4-5 hours after charging it fully. Moreover, it will not drain any charge if you keep it unused.

But as the tablets have no fast charging option, it will take almost 4 hours to be charged 100%.


The Dragon Touch tablet uses the Android OS 9 pie version in its updated models.

Though there will remain almost all necessary applications Google Drive, Gmail, FM radio, and so on pre-installed, you will not get enough updated features of those applications. It will provide you with an average taste in case of software use. But still, we can’t say that the Dragon Touch tablet is bad.


The camera performance of the Dragon Touch tablet is much better. The rear camera and front camera both will give you a decent shot when your main camera is not with you.

Remember, you need to use a better camera for social media selfies because the front camera is not suitable for taking selfies except for conference calls.

There is also an HRD mode in the camera function that may be chosen for some high-resolution photos.


Low-budget tablet making is a little tricky for manufacturers. Because they need to make some compromises to keep it budget-friendly. Though there are some shortcomings with the Dragon Touch tablet, it is a better choice for you within your budget. 

And so far, you should reach a decision whether are Dragon Touch tablet good or bad.

The Dragon Touch tablet has a bloatware-free interface and strong hardware to provide you with a hassle-free service. After all, the Dragon Touch tablet must be considered a good tablet, isn’t it?

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