Dragon Touch Tablet Will Not Turn On!

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Dragon Touch Tablet Will Not Turn On

Dragon Touch has launched several tablet PCs at an affordable price. These budget-friendly tablets have become very popular in many countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and many other countries in the different regions of the world.

Though the Dragon Touch technology is always strongly determined to deliver the latest and most qualified service. But you may find yourself in a situation where the dragon touch tablet will not turn on one day. This event is very common for any electronic device user. There is no technology that has no troubles.

Our today’s topic is the possible causes for the Dragon Touch tablet that will not turn on along with their solution!

Dragon Touch Tablet Will Not Turn On: What Are The Possible Reasons? 

There may remain several reasons behind your Dragon Touch tablet not working. Let’s explore these along with the detailed solution. 

Charging port Problem 

If your tablet didn’t have any malfunction before, the problem may be the empty battery. You must check the charging issues properly. Ensure that the USB port and charging cable are not clogged with dust and dirt. If the USB port is found dirty, then it may not supply the power to the tablet’s battery.

Be sure that your USB charging cable is functioning well. You may connect it to another device for testing purposes. Your USB cable may also be under-powered. And under-powered USB cables cannot deliver the charge properly to your battery which results in your tablet not turning on.

Solution: If the USB port is found dirty, then clean it with compressed air. You should use a minimum 2 ampere USB cable to charge your tablet to charge properly.

Damaged Battery

If your charging cable, and charging port is okay, then the possible reason for your dragon touch tablet not turning on is the damaged battery. Remember that most of the tablets’ battery performance is reduced after using a few years. Sometimes it may be completely damaged.

High temperatures and falling liquid on the battery surface may also badly damage your battery.

How To Check Battery Health?

Connect the charger to your tablet and wait for one minute. Check the battery icon blazing or not.

If the battery icon pops up or shows a little red signal, that means the battery power is very low. In that case, charge the battery for 30 minutes and try to turn on it.

On the other hand, if the battery icon or any red light is not showing in the phone after connecting the charger, be sure your battery is gone and then replace it.

Solution: If the battery is damaged, then the only solution is to replace the battery.

Broken Or Damaged Screen:

Sometimes your tablet may not turn on due to the damaged screen or broken screen. You can test your screen whether it is okay or not, easily by pressing and holding on the power button for 30 seconds. Then wait a few minutes to complete the booting process.

Now call in your tablet from another tablet or phone. If your dragon touch rings, your screen is the culprit. If the tablet doesn’t ring, then you have to go forward to find the problem. 

Solution: After being sure of the damaged screen, you need to change it by yourself or by the authorized technicians. If the warranty is available, then don’t try to change it by yourself.

Faulty device button: Sometimes your tablet’s power button may go bad due to a long time of use. For that reason, your tablet may not turn on. 

Solution: You just need to replace the power button and turn on your tablet successfully.

Broken Internal Parts Or Hardware:

Your dragon touch tablet’s internal parts may be broken and for that reason, it will not turn on. Dropping your tablet on the hard surface may create some internal damage even without any scene cracks. For that reason, the tablet will not turn on.

Solution: Go to the authorized customer care or experts to solve problems.

Temperature issue: If there are very high or low-temperature issues in extreme weather, the tablet will not turn on. 

Solution: Ensure moderate weather when the tablet turns on.

For falling water or any liquid on the tablets: If a small number of water centers are inside, the tablet may face major damage. For that reason, it may not turn on.

Solution: If you are sure about the water damage to your tablet, then you must go to the professionals to repair it asap.

Verdict :

If the above problems are found in your dragon touch tablet, then it will not turn on. If our article helped you to understand whether your Dragon Touch tablet will turn on or not, then let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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