Can I Charge my RCA tablet with a USB?

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Can I Charge My RCA Tablet With USB

All the tablets require frequent charging to give uninterrupted service. The RCA tablets are not the exception here. You have to charge your RCA tablet at regular intervals. 

Hence, you may wonder, can I charge my RCA tablet with a USB? In fact, it’s a common query for the RCA tablet’s users. And the answer is yes, you can. 

You can use a mobile phone charger with a micro USB plug connector or connect the device to a computer’s USB port to charge it via the micro USB port.

Want to know the whole process? Then read on. 

How Can I charge my RCA tablet with a USB

You can charge an RCA tablet with a USA cable if the tablet has a USB port. Then, with a USB cable, you can connect your device to a charger. Hence, you must have a suitable USB cable. And choosing such a cable is not that much difficult. 

What Is USB Port

USB, Universal Serial Bus, is a hardware interface. This port is commonly seen in every laptop, desktop computer, and tablet. This interface supports up to 127 peripherals.

A USB port is used to attach mice, printers, keyboards, mobile devices, and external storage to the computer. The port is also used as a charging port of seveeal portable products.  

Choosing the suitable USB Cable

Identifying a USB-C cable may not be much difficult. One can distinguish USB connectors from one another by looking at their physical characteristics. The plug on USB Type-C is elongated and slightly larger than Micro-USB.

Both sides of it can be inserted first. Micro-USB features two hooks at the bottom to retain the cable in place and can only be connected in one manner. USB-C cables are not equally created. All USB-C cables have the same shape and type of connector, known as USB-C, but not all USB-C cables are compatible with the same protocols and transfer rates. 

If you have a different USB adapter, using an adapter with the proper connection on both ends (USB Type-A on one end and USB Type C on the other for connecting it to the tablet), you can still use that USB 3.1 port with that device. If you’re using an older version device that only has USB-A plugs, still, your computer only has a USB-C connection.

Thunderbolt and Type-C might be slightly confusing. Thunderbolt and USB-C ports are both standards. However, they differ somewhat from one another. 

Thunderbolt ports are entirely usable with USB-C accessories and cables, although they differ from USB-C ports in several ways. On any laptop or desktop computer, a Thunderbolt 3 connector looks like a regular USB-C port, but you can tell the difference because it has a lightning bolt icon.

If the icon is missing from the USB-C port, it most likely does not support the enhanced features of a Thunderbolt cable. It is essential to distinguish between the cables to connect the tablet to the computer.

Other Ways to charge an RCA tablet

Utilizing a car charger to charge your tablet can be an option. You can purchase an adapter, plug it, and use it to charge your phone.

Start your automobile or put it in accessory mode as the first step. Then Connect your charging cable by inserting one end into your car’s USB port or adapter and the other into your phone.

If you’re looking to charge your tablet on a wireless charger, unfortunately, there are currently no Qi-capable tablets available on the market. Therefore, upgrading a current tablet using the Qi wireless charging standard is the only choice.


This is all about what we wanted to share with you regarding whether you can charge your RCA tablet with a USB. You have already come to know that luckily, you can charge your RCA tablet with a USB cable.

Hence, you just have to choose the suitable cable that supports your tablet. And hopefully, you won’t get stumbled to getting one.

Happy charging!

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