Do Tablets Have Lithium Batteries?

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Do Tablets Have Lithium Batteries

Nowadays manufacturers have updated tablet functions. Hence, to maintain those functions, tablets also need worthy batteries. That’s why you may want to know “do tablets have lithium batteries.

Obviously, tablets have lithium batteries. It supplies enough power for all the functions.

Let’s explore the tablet’s lithium batteries in detail.

Do Tablets Have Lithium Batteries: Yes or No 

A lithium battery has a rechargeable system. Here lithium ions pass from the negative electrode to the positive electrode when discharging or exploring. Again lithium ions come back negative electrodes from the positive electrode when charging.

Manufacturers use lithium batteries so that they can perform by supplying enough power to the tablets. Lithium batteries have minimal memory effect, and low self-discharge. And these elements help the batteries be perfect for use in tablets.

Do Tablets Have Lithium Batteries

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Lithium Batteries On A Tablet?

Lithium batteries are excellent for lightweight and high energy density. Though it’s similar to an acid battery. 

Eco friendly: Comparatively lithium batteries contain those metals which are low levels of toxicity. High levels of toxicity are seen in other batteries like nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries. 

High energy density Lithium batteries can store and release a large amount of energy which causes supplying of power for a long time.

Low maintenanceAs lithium batteries have no memory effects, they can always release the last bit of power.

Discharge rate Every battery has a self-discharge rate. Though it is natural, Nickel or other batteries discharge 10-15% whereas lithium batteries only 5% per month.

There are some other benefits of lithium batteries:

  • Lithium batteries are rechargeable systems.
  • Lithium batteries do not need to discharge fully before recharging.
  • It can hold charging simultaneously after completing a full charge.

Disadvantages Of Using Lithium Batteries

  • Lithium batteries are very sensitive to high temperatures.
  • It is a comparatively expensive battery.
  • Lithium batteries may last two or three years.
  • It is not possible to recharge if lithium batteries are completely discharged.
  • These batteries may burst into flames when the ‘separator’ gets damaged.

How To Take Care Of Lithium Batteries

You can take good care of your tablet batteries if you are careful with your battery and your usage. You may use your battery for a long time by maintaining some important steps.

  • When you are charging your tablet’s battery, you should not explore it at that time. You had better turn the tablet off when charging.
  • Extreme temperature can damage your lithium battery. So you must keep away from high temperatures.
  • If you unbox a new tablet, first you should make it a full charge before using it. 
  • You should not use or explore your tablet batteries when the charge is lower than 25%. Because a deep discharge damages the battery. This is also harmful to the human body, especially the eye.
  • After being fully charged, you need to stop charging.
  • You should be aware of not using your tablet for a long time if it gets hot,  which is responsible for your tablet battery.

These steps are very helpful to take care of any batteries, especially lithium batteries. So you can extend your battery lifespan in these simple ways.

Comparison Between Lithium Battery And Lead Battery 

Comparison Between Lithium Battery And Lead Battery 

Lead batteries and lithium batteries have different drawbacks and advantages, though Both can effectively store energy. 

Cost Comparatively lithium batteries are more expensive than lead batteries. Hence, lithium battery prices depend on the size and voltage. You can purchase a lithium battery for around 5 – 100 USD for your tablet.

CapacityIt depends on how much power can be discharged and stored by the battery. You can store and discharge more power from the lithium technology.

Depth of discharge It means how much energy can be drained safely without damaging the battery. Lithium batteries can discharge more than 85% energy of the storage whereas lead batteries should not discharge more than 50% of the storage.

Lifespan Every battery has a limited lifetime. Lithium batteries also last a certain period of time. But lead or acid batteries last long by a cycle system. Though it needs maintenance.

EfficiencyThat means how much energy is able to be used for storage. Lithium batteries have 95 percent energy that can be used. On the other hand, lead or other batteries have 80-85 percent energy that can be used. So lithium batteries can be charged and discharged faster than other batteries.

Prices of some lithium batteries for tablets

      Brand Name          Voltage              Price
          ZTHY    4000mAh 3.8V            20USD
        OGoDeal    6800mAh 3.8V            23.88USD
          ANTIEE    5500mAh 3.85V            19 USD
    Synergy Digital    4200 mAh 3.8V            22 USD
      MPF Products    4000 mAh 3.7V            16.95 USD
        REYTRIC    6800mAh 3.8V            27.99 USD
        MAXBEAR    8800mAh 3.85V            34.99 USD

Now, surely, you can purchase an appropriate lithium battery for your tablets from the list.


What devices use a lithium battery?

Electric toothbrushes, hoverboards, and scooters- all use lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and may be found in a wide variety of personal electronic gadgets.

Is a Duracell battery a lithium battery?

Yes, it is. Duracell High Power Lithium batteries offer a guaranteed storage life of up to 10 years, allowing you to be confident that these batteries will be available when you need them the most. The power that lasts for a long time is guaranteed.

What happens if you check a bag with a lithium battery?

All lithium batteries and power banks must be removed from carry-on bags and kept with the traveler in the flight cabin. The battery checking terminals must be short-circuit-proof.


Nowadays every portable device is manufactured with lithium batteries. Lithium battery dominates all other batteries by their performance, qualities, sizes,  stabilities, and so on.

This is why before purchasing a tablet or any device, you should know do tablets have lithium batteries or not.

I think now you know all things about tablet batteries.

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