Samsung Tablet Power Button Not Working? [Solved]

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Samsung Power Button Not Working

A Samsung power button works for powering up the Samsung mobile or tablet. Also, it is used for lighting up the screen from sleep mode.

But unfortunately, sometimes the power button may not work for some reason. So in this case, you might be asking the question “why is the Samsung power button not working?”

So let’s see how you can still do the work when the power button of your Samsung tablet or smartphone is not working.

Let’s dig into the article for further solutions to this problem.

Why The Power Button Is Not Working: Reseason Behind

Imagine one morning you have woken up from sleep and found that your Samsung phone or tablet is not responding even after pressing the power button. You would press the power button harder but still, it might not work.

Let’s explore the reasons and solutions.

Reasons behind Samsung power button not working

Well, there are several reasons why a power button starts to not work.

  • The power button may not work after water damage
  • The power button will not work if the power button is hit badly
  • Unusual dust on the power button
  • A broken power button may not power on the smartphone or tablet

How To Solve Power Button Not Working Problem 

Nowadays, the amount of physical buttons on smartphones or tablets is reducing day by day. But some important buttons such as the power button are crucial. It is the most used button on a smartphone or tablet.

So if you find that the power button of your Samsung tablet or smartphone starts not working, then you might feel worried.

But the good news is that there are some solutions to this problem.

  1. Reboot Your Samsung Tablet Or Smartphone 

Sometimes your Samsung smartphone might face the power button issue after a software update. In this case, a reboot may fix the problem of the power button.

The auto-restart feature of the Samsung smartphone will help you in the process.

Simply just turn on the auto-restart option and perform a simple reboot.

Samsung Power Button Not Working
  1. Clean The Gap Around Your Samsung Power Button

The power button is exposed every day outside, so there is a huge chance of dust accumulating around the gap of the power button.

And this can cause the power button to lose connection with the internal function of your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

By cleaning the power button using a cotton bud or a tissue, you can make the power button work again.

Samsung Power Button Not Working
  1. Dry It Properly 

There is a chance that the power button has consumed water or any kind of liquid that is resisting working the power button properly.

So make sure the power button and its internal parts are dried completely. 

You can take your Samsung smartphone or tablet close to a fan or you can even use a hairdryer to dry it properly.

After drying fully, it may start work again as before.

  1. Use Application To Virtually Replicate Power Button

Well, you can use an application that will replicate the power button action for your Samsung smartphone or tablet. 

There are several applications available in the Play Store that offer replication of any button virtually. Just install one and enjoy your power button working.

  1. Go For Professional Help 

If no tricks can solve the issue, then you should go for professional help to solve the problem. 

Go to the service center and get help from professionals. 

If you have a warranty available, you can get the servicing without costing any money. 

Verdict :

Facing issues with the power button of a Samsung smartphone or tablet is not a rare case. Suddenly your power button starts to not work. But there is always a reason behind the issue and you need to identify the issue and need to try solutions as given.

I think you have found the answer to why is the Samsung power button not working?”

So let’s try the solutions one by one and fix the problem.

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