How To Connect Surface Pro 7 To Monitor

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How To Connect Surface Pro 7 To Monitor

Sometimes you may need to see video comfortably on a very large screen. Hence, if you have a Surface Pro, for this purpose, you need to know the process of connecting your surface pro 7 to the monitor.

For connecting surface pro 7 to the monitor, you need to set up any monitor, TV, or projector. Before this, you should be sure that the projector, monitor, or TV is switched on. 

Thereafter, you need to plug one side of your video cable into the USB-C port to the outer screen. Then you’ll need to connect the cable’s other side with that video adapter. After that, you have to connect the adapter to the surface pro 7.

Does Surface Pro 7 have an HDMI port for connecting to the monitor?

No, unfortunately, the surface pro 7 has no HDMI port for connecting to the monitor. But it has a USB-C port. So, you can make use of a USB-C adapter, dock, or hub which has an HDMI port for attaching to your surface pro 7.

What cable do you need to connect your Surface Pro 7 to a monitor?

To connect your surface pro 7 to a monitor, you have to collect a cable and an adapter that is compatible. However, you can connect your surface pro 7 wirelessly with some monitors.   

If you want to connect your Surface with a high-resolution display, it is recommended that you use an HDMI cable that is active for getting the best results. 

Therefore, you should have one of these cables and adapters: a UCB-C to a VGA adapter and a VGA cable, a small display port to a VGA adapter, and a VGA cable which is sold separately. 

Process of connecting surface pro 7 to a monitor

For this, you’ll need a cable that has an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, and a USB C port. Suppose, you’ll connect your surface pro 7 and a 4K smart TV and 60Hz function. 

First, you have to connect the hub to your surface. Then you should plug the type C port into the surface pro 7. You can connect a USB-wired mouse to the hub. 

Next, you’ll need to plug it into the USB 3 port. And then you need to connect this with your smart TV’s HDMI cable to the hub. 

Thereafter, you’ll need to plug the HDMI port into the adapter hub. If you then start your surface pro 7, you’ll see the screen just blinks. And you can see the smart Tv scanning for devices. 

You’ll have to click the return button and you can see your surface has detected the smart tv. If you see an LED light in your mouse you’ll be sure that your surface pro has detected the mouse. 

Then, You’ll have to just move your mouse on the surface pro 7’s screen and see the mouse move on the screen. So the hub has worked. 

Furthermore, you need to go to the windows button and click this. Then you need to go to the settings and system. You have to click identify.

Here, you would get numbers 1 and 2. And smart Tv would be the second monitor. You’ll have to just click the second monitor and scroll down your mouse.

And then you have to click advanced display settings to display adapter properties for display 2 and click list all modes. From this list, you can see that the smart tv and the hub support 4K 60Hz. 

Will the Display Port over USB Type-C give an equal level of performance as like as standard Display Port connection?

It’ll be delightful for you to know that a USB-C port can give performance equal to a Display port. UCB-C port along with the HDMI port and adapter works the same as standard display port cables and adapters. 

USB-C port can take 4 high-speed data in a USB type C adapter and the cable to give a 4K display resolution.


Though your Surface Pro 7 doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can connect it to a monitor with an external adapter.

However, hope this article will give you enough information about connecting your surface pro 7 to a monitor. 

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