How To Screenshot On A Lenovo Tablet?

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On A Lenovo Tablet?

You can find some important information on the internet and also want to send it to someone. Hence, the screenshot can be the appropriate way for doing that. 

Now, can you take screenshots on your Lenovo tablet? Luckily, you can. The Lenovo tablets let you take screenshots. You just have to know how to screenshot on a Lenovo tablet.

We will describe here the methods of screenshots on a Lenovo tablet. All of these methods should work on any Lenovo tablet that’s running android 9 or 10 or any general tablet.

Let’s start exploring.

Different ways for taking a screenshot on a Lenovo Tablet

We will describe some ways that you can use for taking any screenshot on your Lenovo tablet as your wish.

So, the first way is probably the easiest for you. Here are the steps:

  • You should open a screen on which you desire to take a screenshot.
  • Thereafter, you need to just press the power button and then you will see the screenshot option on your tablet’s screen.
  • You have to click that option. You will hear your camera shuttering sound.
  • On your screen, also you can see your screenshot’s preview. You can take your necessary screenshot by clicking the option.

Now, here is the second way for you.

On your tablet, you have to go forward and push the power key and also the volume down button together at the same time. Thus you will see your screenshot is done.

Furthermore, there is technically one other way that’s taking screenshots with google assistant. You can command google assistant to take a screenshot through your voice. But you can feel some trouble doing this.

Sometimes google assistant is stuck there in loading and takes a screenshot that does not match your want.

Apart from these, there are also some third-party apps that can take screenshots. The app’s basic functionality is similar to the stock method. But, they provide some unique additional features which are unavailable natively.

It is not mandatory to have an app for taking a screen capture.

Where do screenshots go on a Lenovo tablet?

Your screenshot images will automatically be saved in your Lenovo tablet’s gallery. The images will stay in a folder named screenshot. So, you can find them easily. 

To see your screenshot immediately:

  • you have to touch the screenshot notification or open your photos gallery and then go to the menu.
  • After that, you need to go to the device folder and then the screenshot folder to see the saved screenshots.  

How do you use the snipping tool on your Lenovo Tablet?

You can also use the snipping tool as an alternative to capture screenshots. For this, you just have to press the Windows key, shift, and S together to take a screen snipping. 

Why can’t you take a screenshot sometimes on your Lenovo Tablet?

It is very frustrating if you see “cannot take screenshots for security policies” on your screen at the time of taking screenshots. Sometimes it happens that you cannot take any screenshots. 

The common reason is screenshots restrictions. There are also many reasons. Now I will tell you some reasons that you can connect with your experience.

Device-related issue: The screenshot-taking restriction can be activated on your tablet. If it is done, you cannot take screenshots on your Lenovo Tablet.

Browser-related issue: In your tablet, the screenshot-taking feature cannot be available when you browse in the mode of incognito with Google Chrome or Firefox.

App-related issue: You can see some of the apps are disabled to take screenshots on some screens. For example, you can check it by going login pages.

Can you remove Security Policies from your phone to take restricted Screenshots?

Yes, you can. For this purpose, if you use the google app about device policy on your tablet, it can remove certain security policies. The apps are only for businesses that used G Suite.  


The screenshot-taking feature is significant to save important information for referencing later or to share with anyone. 

Luckily, you can use your Lenovo tablet easily for capturing screenshots. 

I hope, you will use the system for capturing a screenshot which you seem more efficient and quickest. For this, the article may help you.

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