Does Krita Work With Wacom Tablets

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Does Krita Work With Wacom Tablets

Krita is one of the best applications that can do image manipulation and image creation. Krita does paintings, concept art, and other unique drawings.

Krita works for artists who do digital paintings. If your Wacom tablet is appropriately configured, then Krita will definitely work with Wacom.

This app will help you with creating animation, storyboarding, comics, concept art, photo manipulation, illustrations, etc. However, Krita can be a potential tool if you can use it with your Wacom tablet.

You can use many common and also innovative features of Krita for making your painting more creative and fruitful. You can use significant brush engines to paint and sketch. Furthermore, you can also do freehand inking on your Wacom tablet through Krita.

Krita can assist you in making complex scenes. You will get a free canvas with layer styles, clone layers, filters, etc.

What tablets does Krita support?

Krita does not do much fun with those tablets that can not take more pressure. If the tablet’s features are perfect, then Krita does work with Huion and the other UC-logic-related tablets, Wacom, on Linux and Windows. 

Can you use Krita on your Wacom tablet offline?

You will be glad to know that for using Krita, no registration is required. Krita considers your privacy. If you install Krita once, then you will not need an internet connection for working with it. 

How do you get Krita to recognize your tablet?

For this, you need to put the stylus pen away from your tablet. You should not use your stylus pen to recognize your tablet rather you start Krita by using a keyboard or a mouse. 

Moreover, you will need to click the shift key and also hold it. Finally, you can touch the tablet with the stylus pen, thus Krita will identify your tablet.  

Why is your pen pressure not working in Krita?

Krita is featured for using WinTab tablet driver API. Hence, you should change this setting to get pen pressure in Krita. 

  • First, you need to go Settings option.
  • From there, you have to click Configure Krita and then go to Tablet settings. Then you need to select Windows 8+ Pointer Input.  After that, just click on OK.
  • Thereafter go to Settings and find Configure Toolbars.
  • Then select the main toolbar Krita from the down menu.
  • From the left menu through available action, you should find and click the pen pressure option.
  • Then you have to press the right arrow in your arrow pad which is in the center for moving it to current actions and press Ok. 
  • You should be sure that the toolbar of the file has been shown.
  • If it has not happened, then you need to go to settings. From there, click the toolbars shown and then select File. 

Thus, you can enable your pen tip icon for using the pressure of your pen. Then you can restart the Krita. 

How do you use Krita without a keyboard?

You can surely use the Krita without the help of a keyboard. For quick accessibility into the functions like full screen, undo, redo, etc. you should add them in one of the toolbars. 

For the purpose of do this, you need to go to settings and then configure toolbars. From the left corner, you can pick the function that you need and put it into the toolbar on the right. 

Does Krita give users data safety?

Your data safety will depend on the understanding of developers collecting and sharing your data. 

Privacy and the security of data may vary according to your use, age, and region. The developer delivered the information and update it from time to time. 


Definitely, you can use Krita on your Wacom tablet. By using Krita, you will get a free surface on which you can get a painting mode without bothering. You can experiment with it by doing digital art. 

May this article will support you to realize about Krita and its working device. 

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