How To Reset Lenovo Tablet

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How To Reset Lenovo Tablet

If you own a Lenovo tablet, you may need to reset it for a number of reasons. However, resetting a tablet is quite easy. However, having no prior knowledge regarding resetting the tablet can be very frustrating for you.

Throw away your frustration and stick with us till the end.

There are mainly two processes for resetting your Lenovo tablet. Both processes have a few steps that you need to follow to reset your tablet. Following those steps serially will make it easier for you to reset your tablet.

The processes are explained in the following sections.

Process 1: From Settings,

You can easily reset a Lenovo tablet from its settings. To do that, the following steps are necessary:

Firstly, open the settings menu from your tablet.

Then, scroll down and find the system 

menu. Following that, click the system option. You will see the reset options button.

After you have clicked the reset options menu, you will see the erase all data (factory reset) menu. Click on that option. A screen will pop up with all the data that will be reset. Below that, you will also see a tab, reset tablet.

Upon touching that button, your tablet will be reset. However,  keep in mind that all data will be reset.

Process 2: Hard Resetting Lenovo Tablet 

There may be some instances where your tablet does not start. In that case, you have to go for a hard reset your tablet. To do that, following the below mentioned steps are essential.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is locate the power button along with the volume buttons. Then, put your fingers on those buttons.

Step 2

After you have done that, press the power button and volume up button simultaneously. You will see the Lenovo logo after a few seconds. Following that, an android logo will appear. And then, the android recovery menu will appear.

Step 3

Using the volume down button, go to the wipe data/factory reset option. Upon selecting  that option, you will get a warning. Hard resetting your tablet will delete all the data in your storage. So, it is better to keep a backup before resetting the tablet. 

Step 4

As seen in the photo, there are two options, one is cancel while the other is factory data reset. Select the latter using the volume up/down buttons. 

Lastly, press the power button. With this, your phone will be reset. After some times, your device will restart.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a reset button on a Lenovo tablet?

Answer: No, there is no dedicated button for resetting these tablets. But, holding the power button and volume buttons will let you access the reset option of your tablet.

2. How do I unlock my Lenovo tablet if I forgot my pin?

Answer: The only option to unlock your tablet, in this case, is by resetting your device. However, doing this will wipe all of the data from your device.

3. How do I fix my Lenovo tablet that won’t turn on?

Answer: Your tablet may not turn on for various reasons. One solution is to reset your device by accessing the android recovery menu and factory resetting your device. If that method does not work, sending it to a professional will be the best choice.


Resetting a Lenovo Tablet is not that hard. In this article, we have discussed everything there is to know about resetting your tablet.

Make sure to save your data before resetting the device. There is no way of restoring the wiped data once your device is reset. Also, to access the android recovery menu, you’ll need to press the power and volume buttons for about 30 seconds. 

You have to patiently press the power and volume buttons until the menu pops up. We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you. Best of luck!

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